Ever wondered how much of your phone’s body size is taken up by the wonderful, vibrant display? Well this graph above will give you the answer — if you own one of the listed phones, that is. The Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC EVO 4G LTE have the largest ratio, with two-thirds of the device taken up by the display, meaning they have very little bezels in the grand scheme of things. Right behind them is the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It’s clear from the top 5 that Samsung really love pushing the bezel to its limits — something a lot of people like.

The DROID 4 is an obvious last place thanks to its slide-out hardware keyboard which almost double the phones overall body size. Now, if you’re interested in the PPI (pixels per inch) density of the devices, there’s even a table for that. Enjoy!

Source: Extreme Tech.
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Myk Dowling

H x L? Height times Length? Aren’t they the same dimension? HxW, VxH, LxW, all of these are good dimension combinations. HxL doesn’t make sense.

Daniel Murphy

thats pretty cool, to bad the SGS1 isnt in there too, would give a nice progression. I still feel that bezel can be reduced another ~15% or so with a better design of the top of the phone.