I was going past Aldi and saw their new catalogue, which goes on sale next Wednesday 6th June. On the front they are advertising a Tablet running Ice Cream Sandwhich with a 9.7″ screen for just $249. Inside the catalogue it shows the other specs, 1GHz Dual Core Processor, 16GB of storage with expandable microSD card Slot, 2MP Web cam and Mic onboard for video conferencing, Wifi 802.11 B/G/N, a HDMI Out and all covered by a 1 Year warranty :

Stock will be limited and varied throughout all their stores. They advise to visit bauhn.com.au for more information, the specs listed on there are slightly different CPU, they also mention a 3G SIM Card Slot & rear camera as well as the video conferencing camera but at lower MP :

  • Rockchip RK2918 Cortex A8 1.2GHz processor
  • 9.7″ 16:9, LCD 1024×768 @ 131ppi
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0
  • 16 GB (expandable with micro SD memory card)
  • WebCam 1.3 mp, Back 2.0M pixels
  • USB 2.0 port, Mini HDMI 1080P, Headphone & Microphone 3.5mm Stero, 3G SIM card Slot
  • Li-Polymer battery that estimates 8 hours battery life using 1080P video

I`ll be contacting Aldi to check out, which specs are actually in the box, and i`ll update as soon as they clarify. This is the second tablet that Aldi has sold so far, they sold a Medion branded tablet back in December last year, obviously they sold enough for them to try a second time. If you`re in the market for a 10″ tablet, maybe something for the kids, this may not be such a bad option to check out next Wednesday.

Edit :
They updated the bauhn website with what are supposed to be the correct specs :

  • 1GHz Amlogic Cortex A9
  • 9.7″ LCD, WXGA, 1024 x 768
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0
  • Li-Polymer – Up to 6 Hours
  • 2 Cameras -Front:0.3MP, Rear:2.0MP
  • 16 GB (expandable with micro SD memory card)

So still a discrepancy on the CPU as the advert lists Dual Core Processor and only 1 camera, unfortunately the GPS and the 3G Radio won`t be included but at that price it couldn`t be expected really. It goes on sale tomorrow, Aldi had pretty low stocks with the last tablet, at least around where I live so if you want one I’d get in early.

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    Claudine Gaudray

    hi i buy a tablet bauhn at aldi put every time i touch any window a got the window power -airplane mode-silent mode appear all the time ?? is someone got a solution?

    Daniel Tyson


    I’d be looking to do a factory reset (After backing up your tablet of course) and see if that resolves it, if it still occurs after that it’s most likely a fault with the multi-touch screen and I would be returning it to Aldi for refund/replacement.

    You can of course contact Bauhn for further assistance here :http://www.bauhn.com.au/Contact-Us.aspx

    Hope that helps.

    Claudine Gaudray

    Thank you I am going to do this now and I will let you know thanks again

    Claudine Gaudray

    Hi i did couple time but still the same i will bring back thanks


    The resolution seems to be incredibly low on the camera and was wondering if you know how to reset it? Thanks


    Hi. Does anyone know if the Bauhn iPad Bluetooth keypad is compatable with the bauhn tablet

    Matthew Ryan

    exact question i was going to ask i’ve got it connected via bluetooth, but when i press buttons to type, nothing happens, none of the keys work but it’s connected any idea?


    Hi Mathew, alittle frustrated I rang the company number provided in the info booklet that came with the tablet – and explained the situation before I could finish explaining that told me that the keyboard/cover that I purchased at Aldi two days after I purchased the tablet is not compatible on any level – I guess they will have a lot of returns as I did.


    It is labeled as an iPad keyboard
    …. connects but doesn’t work… it works great on my iPhone though


    return it – only comparable with an ipad


    No – I tried it – only compatable 4 an ipad


    I have been doing a bit of research and it seems that android 4.0
    coming out of china is not the full google version. So a lot of apps may
    come up shaded or labelled not compatable with this device.


    Hi, I have just purchased one of these tablets refurbished as an “Ultima”. WhenI plug in an Optus 3G dongle nothing happens at all. Is there something which needs to be done, can you help? Thanks

    Doug Warne

    My HTC Volocity 4G Mobile is better than this!!!!!!!!


    This seems to be quite a good unit but for me it won’t play/stream shows on Bigpond TV channels. I have no problem watching YouTube etc. Any ideas that might help?


    Ed, lesson I learned from hitting the same problem on my Telstra T-Touch Tab:
    Telstra BigPond Content can only be accessed, if you are using Telstra 3G, and you have wifi disabled on the device, and you are accessing the specific content from a make/model of device that the Telstra BigPond Content servers are authorized to stream the specific content to.
    As this POS Aldi tablet is a wifi device and is not a Telstra device, I think you’ll be SOL for any and all Telstra BigPond Content.


    Thanks Jeni. I hear what you are saying but I don’t understand why there would be a difference between my laptop accessing this material and my tablet not when it is connected via the same Bigpond Thomson router. It also streams to a number of my TBox connections to various TVs. I might ask Bigpond (don’t hold my breath for an answer – I got transferred 5 times yesterday and still non the wiser they know what I am saying)

    Desperate Daughter

    Hey has anyones Mum turned on the password on startup and forgotten the password. Or is it looking for the password from last App. Any ideas on how to reset.


    Hey all I brought this tab on Wednesday. It works fine it does have a dualcore A9 processor in it it is only wifi built in but you can use an optus 3G usb dongle with it works fine and tested it myself. Actually using it right now to write this to you guys. Connects to my wifi great aswell. Only thing is becarefull what games u install on it don’t install gta3 on it as it will crash ur system and u will have to wipe everything to get it to work again. If anyone has any questions or… Read more »


    has anyone got this tablet to work with a virgin usb dongle modem e173(prepaid,unlocked). It works fine with a telstra sim but not with virgin. If so what are the apn settings. it finds the networks ok but will not connect


    If the overall reports on this tablet, from the Whirlpool members who managed to get one, in the Whirlpool thread about it are anything to go by, this tablet has multiple faults baked in.


    I bought one yesterday and can’t get the wifi to connect. I think it will be going back to Aldi.

    Bonnie Chaplin

    my mum and i both got 1, hers took forever to connect to her optus wifi, mine connected pretty quick however very low signal for both. Now i have spent $99 on a telstra prepaid wifi elite thing, connects fine to my laptop. however just been on the phone to telstra as tablet says authenitcation problem. ARGH!!! i needed this bloody thing working for Uni tomorrow, Not happy Jan!


    same thing happened to me, the password for the telstra elite thing is case sensitive, so just click ‘forget’ and re-enter it and it should work…


    this piece of s********** wouldn’t let me connect to the internet and did not even recognise any wifi.Am so frustrated and extremely disappointed.


    I think Aldi are now afraid of being hit for false advertising over their claim that the processor of this tablet tablet was a dual core unit. Their Bauhn website for it is now empty of any trace of content about this tablet.


    I bought one today….already problem..wifi wont stay on..and wont allow scan of wireless network to take place. Frustrated ……


    can you tell me if its 3G compatible?


    This useless piece of e-waste is wifi only. No 3G data or phone, no GPS, and a chronically low-res primary camera on the back.


    Hi, the battery can’t be replaced 🙁 …


    Hi, do you know if the battery is removable if replacement is needed down the track?


    note how cable is spelt cabel


    The spec page says “no UMTS/3G”. Does that mean that you can’t access the internet without access to WiFi? Or does it mean that access to the internet will be slow if you don’t have WiFi?
    Does it need a SIM card before it accesses the web?

    Buzz Moody

    Due to the different specs listed in the Aldi catalogue and Bauhn’s site we can’t confirm if it is Wi-Fi only, or if it is a 3G model. Contact your local Aldi to confirm.


    looking at the pics it doesn’t look like there is a spot for sim cards


    Buzz, in the thread on Whirlpool discussing this tablet, http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1925487 a rep from the mob who do the local support/distro for Aldi for the Bauhn and Vivid stuff, showed up in the thread with this post http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?r=34439476#r34439476 containing specs and capabilities of the tablet. I’ve copied the post, in full, below. Hope the new Disqus doesn’t screw up the formatting. Model Number: AMID-971R Android Version: ICS 4.0.3CPU: 1GHz Amlogic Cortex A9 Display: TFT 9.7″, WXGA 1024×768 Touchscreen: 5 point Capacitive Multi Touch RAM: DDRII 1GB Memory: 16GB(Approx 800MB Partition for System & Apps) remainder is ‘Internal SD Card’WiFi: Yes –… Read more »

    Luke Parsons

    Thanks for this, I was hoping it was the 1GHz Dual Core (A9) and not the single core A8.. I’m fine with the camera setup too and the need to charge via DC socket.. I will try to grab one on Wednesday.. I will go to up to 3 stores.. but if they’re all sold out by then, I’ll move on.. let fate decide 🙂

    Jen in Sunny Melbourne

    wonder if there’s a plug-in keyboard that might be available to go with this?


    you can use a bluetooth keyboard with android


    Using the mini USB adaptor you can plug in a mouse or keyboard


    Low Kanga makes an excellent point. 1024×768 is a 4:3 resolution. Unless this tablet has rectangular pixels, they’ve stuffed up their marketting on this one.

    some guy

    Yep please find out and update us. I’m interested in a decent cheap tablet I can put a 3G card into. Would be great if it has 3g!


    Sorry, someguy … last night, it appeared the unit would be able to take a 3g sim … but today they changed the specs page, and it now says “no UMTS/3G”.


    Frown Face! When I was looking GPS=Yes, UTM/3G=Option.
    Read your post, refreshed, and now both are No.

    At least if you found this after buying from ALDI you can hand it back within 60 days.

    Low Kanga

    Specifications given are 16:9 ratio, then Resolution is given as WXGA, 1024 x 768??
    XGA = 1024 x 768, a 4:3 ratio; wide XGA = WXGA (16:9) is usually 1280 x 720, the lowest “high definition” resolution. Next highest is usually 1440 x 810.
    It would be nice to know what the real definition of this tablet is, but I hope it is not as low as 1024 x 576 (16:9).
    The pixel density calculated is for an XGA (4:3) screen.

    Avon Perera

    Not bad at all for the money, but I think I’ll wait until IO in case the Nexus 7 with Tegra 3 rumours turn out to be true. That’d be a much better compliment to my A500

    Martin Dolan

    Not bad!
    Spare for the lounge room


    have a look at that going to get one this week ,got a zte v9 with custom firmware getting a little slow.other wise great tablet 🙂