Well that’s a surprise!
The telco’s appear to be releasing the Galaxy SIII for the same monthly repayments on comparable monthly plans.

As mentioned by Daniel in his post about Vodafone’s launch of the Galaxy SIII they’re charging $5 a month for the device on a $59 plan. I’ve received information today telling me that Optus are releasing the 16GB version for $5 on the $60 per month plan and the 32GB for $5 per month on the $80 plan.

With this monster of a phone due to launch in T minus 10 minutes and counting, there’s sure to be more to follow in the coming hour or so. Stay tuned!

I’ve just had further information dropped by this source that tells me
“Existing customers will get the 16GB for $0 on the $60 per month plan and the 32GB for $0 on the $80 per month plan”

As always, if you’ve got any tips on releases, devices or carrier information you can email them to us: [email protected]

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All I can say is rip off


Wait so Optus has the 32gb version?