As you can see from the above Optus has just announced their pricing and plans for the Samsung Galaxy S III, starting on the $50 a month plan with a $12 handset repayment, you can get the 16GB handset in either White which is available for Next Business day delivery to metro areas or in Pebble Blue which has a 10 Business day lead time, they also have the option for a 32GB model but it’s listed as coming soon and no pricing is available for it at this time. They have an online special offering 2 months access free, head on over to the Optus site and check out all the options.

Edit :
Optus has also got a deal for all customers who purchase a Galaxy S III, on an Optus post-paid plan between the 31st of May and 31st of
July 2012, will receive six Qantas Frequent Flyer points for every dollar spent on that plan for two years. The handset is available online as of 11am this morning and in stores across Australia as of midday. Also they are offering a deal for existing customers on the $50 plan handset repayments are only $5 and $0 on the $60 plan.

Source: Optus.
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friend who works at allphones said if you have less than 5 months left on your plan you can come in and buy the GS3 and they’ll waive the cancellation fee.


My contract just expired with Optus and i got a call from them today offering me a SGSIII upgrade for $18/mth on a $30 plan. Too bad i just ordered the Nexus for free on Vodafone’s $29 plan… I didn’t want to pay over $30/mth for a phone.


So get the phone from optus on plan and get a plan that costs $15 from Exetel, that makes the handset worth $1128. Or buy outright for about $800 or less… buy outright so much better off. This is way over priced


Hopefully the Blue 32gb version won’t take too long to appear.

Nick Swan

That is so over priced it’s not funny


I completely agree with you. Samsung created hype…Providers will be getting benefit from users.


Whither Telstra?


you missed the price for existing customers! $5 on $50 plan and $0 on $60!

Daniel Tyson

Added, cheers


Just went to optus and played with one. Looked the goods… all the carriers had them out at the shopping centre i was at.

They wanted to charge me $120 to break my contract though… I can break contract at no charge in a week… so i will wait