Our own Geoff Fieldew is in Sydney at the Samsung launch event happening this morning ready to bring us details via his Twitter feed. The event is scheduled to start at 10am and this post will be updated as the event unfolds with more details. Vodafone are live streaming the event from their page for those interested in watching you can head to their page.

Looks like they`re still settling in, 10 Piece orchestra according to Geoff :

Splash page up, nearly ready to start hopefully :

Starting with Jessica Rowe :

Gizmodo has just got hold of the Vodafone plans :

24 Month Plan Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Handset repayment Data included Double Data for first 12 months Total Spend
$29 Plan $20 200MB 400MB $1,176
$39 Plan $15 500MB 1GB $1,296
$49 Plan $10 1GB 2GB $1,416
$59 Plan $5 1.5GB 3GB $1,536
Vodafone Infinite $79 Plan $0 2GB T4GB $1,896
Vodafone Infinite $99 Plan $0 4GB 8GB $2,376

Gregory Lee – President and CEO – South East Asia, Oceania and Taiwan, Samsung Electronics on Stage :

Tyler Mcgee Vice President Telecommunications, Samsung Australia now on stage to introduce the phone further.

Vodafone have advised the phone will be available online from 11am or in stores an hour later at midday.

Tyler Mcgee still explaining features from the SGS III

Tyler Mcgee advising that the Galaxy S III will be On-Sale within the hour

One more thing – Jessica Mauboy live on stage! :

Looks like the event is over, stay tuned, we’ll be bringing you more information as Geoff supplies it.

Samsung has advised there will be some accessories at launch but more will follow :

Closeups of some of the Accessories, White cover which can go on either White or Blue :

Flip Cover :

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They’ve got a bunch of them instore right now at Pitt St Vodaphone, and there’s quite a party going on with free mocktails, and loads of press filming.

I had a quick play – amazing screen and nice slim light feel, would definitely consider one. But touchwiz is as bad as ever – they’ve really trashed the ICS feel that you get with a Nexus or HTC One….




They didn’t tell us anything we already didn’t know except that it’s available from 11am online and from midday instore, guessing from Vodafone stores as they presented this?

Was hoping for news on whether or not there’ll be a 4g version as well.

Trent Arena

Bit disappointed in the lack of info on 4g also. It’s availble online from Vodafone at 11am and 12pm instore and Optus have it now too


On sale today! WOOOT!!


Screw you vodafone, the live stream was loading half the time.


Yea that was annoying, it started to load properly when the singers came on stage though. =P


Damn I’d much prefer a hot Asian chick than Jessica Rowe…


I’ve got it to load! No more F5 for me!


Jessica Rowe = MC.

Dan Murphy

When is it coming to Optus?

Phil Tann

You can buy on Optus now!

Dan Murphy

I saw. Right after I posted it the news broke that Optus was selling them and I called them. I’m waiting for the pebble blue.


I think we broke the Vodafone website lol.


#SamsungGS3AU is the official twitter hashtag


And down goes the vodafail website!

Damon Lewis

The closer it gets to 10 the slower the vodafone website goes,

Alex Baldwin

The blog page isn’t even loading for me. 🙁