Sunday , June 10 2018

Offline Mode for Google Drive coming in 5 weeks

Google Drive is still missing a large amount of features that competing services such as Box and Dropbox offer. One of those important features is an offline mode, and although it wasn’t specified how it will work, we believe it will allow the offline syncing of not just individual files, but also whole directories onto your mobile device.

We can expect to see this feature — along with more — shown off at Google IO in the coming weeks.

Source: Phandroid, and Engadget.

Buzz Moody  

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Disgruntled Tech
Valued Guest

It’s allready out and enabled 🙂

Sujay V.
Valued Guest
Sujay V.

Please explain a little bit more ? I have gDrive installed on my HTC Desire running GB but I have not found a service that allows me to store documents offline on my SD. Am I missing something ?

Ausdroid Reader

Proper offline music that we can have full access to with the Google Play Music app. Do it G!

Ausdroid Reader

Can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂
I’ve started to use drive more and more so extra features are welcomed!

Valued Guest

Listen, all I want from Google Drive, (nee Docs) is a WYSIWYG editing in Android.

And a flying car.

It’s 2012 for chri’sake. Is it really so much to ask?

Nathan Elcoate
Valued Guest

Needs Dropbox’s “Export” function, hopefully offline mode will be like that.

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