After they announced recently that they have sold over 7 million Galaxy Note handsets, Samsung must be feeling pretty good about themselves and looking towards what they can do in terms of offering a successor, to that end UbuntuLife are reporting that Samsung are looking at launching one in October. The newer model will sport a 5.5-inch display 1680×1050 resolution WSXGA+ screen @ 360ppi but that the screen will be Pentile, they are also stating that it is likely to be the Exynos 5250 chipset running it with 1.5GB RAM, an 8 MegaPixel Camera and 4G/LTE will be a standard on all international handsets.

UbuntuLife also advises that not only will the Galaxy Note II take it’s design cues from the Galaxy S III in terms of styling and overall look, it will also have the software features baked into the Galaxy S III such as S Beam, S Voice, NFC, SmartStay.

Interesting to note(haha) that they are sticking with the Pentile screen format even looking ahead to a product coming in October that they aren`t going to be offering the Super AMOLED HD + Screens we’ve been expecting. The Note has been one of those phones I’ve actually started seeing on a day to day basis and personally I’m a huge fan of stylus’s(Stylii?), If I weren’t a Nexus user I’d look at the Note as my next phone.

Source: UbuntuLife.
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nice post


Only 260 ppi? Gay


You kidding me… I just bought mine about a week ago from millennius.
seriously now for every tech gadget out there you buy when new, its old 2 months later. WHY

Alex 'Tank' Thien

It’s been out a year… so technically you’re late (by mobile industry standards)


Omg. I’ve only had my Note from Kogan for 2 months. My mouth watering again…..

Mike Tran

This is a unfounded rumour with no source or anything. Ignore this unless you want to fall for the hype and disappointment once the real Note 2 comes out. This is why the SGSIII was hated by so many ppl, they all fell for the hype and rumours

Also how can LTE come with international version? There’s like 43 different frequencies LTE works on and it will be a nightmare to support it all.


There’s only one way I would give up on my Note, and that’s if they bring out another one. A bigger screen as well. Hopefully they will reduce the Bezels. One day hopefully, they reduce all Bezels on the phone to 3ml apart from a 7ml Bezel on the bottom so you can fit a slender home button. This would actually make the end dimensions smaller than the gs3


Yeah bezel-less does look nice but you have to remember it’s there to protect the screen+innards from every day knocks.


I’m not sure the display needs to be any bigger, it’s almost too big on the current model.

Dean Reading

They probably just wanted to another step considering the GS3 is so big.
But I agree, you can’t comfortably use a 5.5″ device as your phone


If they knock back the bezel a tiny bit, it’ll still fit the current form factor. Sounds pretty schweet to me.


As with the GS3 it will be roughly the same size just more effiecient use of screen space on the device.


True. It’s already on the verge of being too big, it’s features are just good enough to put up with the size but any bigger hhmmm I doubt I’ll be wanting one.