Early this year we saw some jobs at Microsoft appear that were for Android and iOS programmers who were to work with Xbox Live staff to bring ‘the latest and greatest gaming and entertainment experience to mobile platforms’. It would seem from Microsofts keynote presentation at E3 in Los Angeles, that what they were hired to work on was ‘Smart Glass’ which appears to be an AirPlay like function which will utilise your tablet as a second screen.

The news that interests us is that Microsoft is promising that Smart Glass will operate on all the devices you currently own, presumably meaning Android/iOS tablets and phones as well, the Smart Glass function appears to include using your phone/tablet as a keyboard/mouse to control the Internet Explorer Browser that is going to come with the Xbox update.

Smart Glass Demo :

Source: AndroidCentral.
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    As much as some people hate copy cats, I want Sony to do something similar with the PS3 and also for it to be available on all brands, like MS. The features really interests me. 🙂
    But with the Vita and Sony line of phones and tablets (which I have none of), fat chance. 🙁