Looks like Samsung is touring the Galaxy Note through shopping centres around Australia. As a part of the tour they`re giving you the chance to win a Galaxy Note simply by creating and sending a postcard from their stand. They`re also advising, that if you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note at a participating store within the centre, during the 4 days that the GALAXY Note stand is in that centre you can take the receipt to the stand to get $50 Cashback.

Certainly an interesting way to market their devices, perhaps we’ll get a repeat of the tour once they’re done but with the Galaxy S III as the centrepiece. Click here to find out where and when you can check out the popup stores, looks like I’m heading over to Belconnen today to check out the stand.

Source: GalaxyNote.
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Sounds cool, but I would like to know the Kindle Fire 2 release date…
I hope it won’t cost more than $250…


I prefer to go with Kindle Fire 2 when it come out. http://kindlefire2couponz.blogspot.com/

George Lu

Samsung should do this long ago as many people only know iphone, ipad….


This traveling Samsung circus has been making the rounds for a while.
It was in Northlands, Melbourne about a month ago.

My daughter and I played with a Note, which firmly put her in the “Oh daddy, I want one” camp.

Since then she’s played with a HTC One X, and loved that too, which is great because that is on a significantly cheaper plan.


Or pre-order a Kindle Fire if you are not lucky enough 🙁


Was in Brisbane two weeks ago. Then last weekend they had a led display setup for their new range of tv’s. Good to see the active promotion.