I just loaded up the Google Play Store and was greeted with the above, Google Play Movies is having a sale on some movie rentals, asking just $0.99 for some classic movies such as Jurassic Park, Psycho, Hot Fuzz and The Big Lebowski. I rented The Wrestler in HD according to the Play Store App on my phone, yet when I check out the Play Store on my PC I can only see them offered in SD, it’s downloading now so i’ll check out the resolution once it finishes. Remember once you pay you have 30 Days to download and watch the movie, also remember no Root when downloading Google Movies. So, head on over and check out which ones you would like to rent, it does say the sale is for a limited time but I couldn`t see any further information.

Source: Google Play Movies.
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    Yeah, 99cents is what a digital download RENTAL should cost. And yet, regularly they cost $4-$6! That’s more than DVD rental stores used to charge. Stunned that they continue to think that these are reasonable prices.

    It’d be nice to think that they’re seeing what difference renting at 0.99c will make to sales, but really they’re probably just trying to get people to try the service (as that’s the biggest hurdle, just getting people to experience it), and then hope they’ll pay the crap high prices going forward.


    Hmm there’s some pretty good movies there. 😮


    I’m speculating, but maybe the sale is only on til 12th June. The URL suggests:



    I also downloaded The Wrestler HD, but it downloaded in SD. Seems to have since been changed in Google Play app to be SD only.



    Note: You’ll only see this separate HD option when shopping on the Google Play store on your device. You can only rent movies in standard definition on play.google.com/store/movies

    Matt Lobegeiger

    yep, smashed one out for the kids last night on the laptop plugged into the tv via YouTube. Worked great, easy, cheap. Can’t beat $0.99. Great work google.

    Gambit smith

    And before all the users that have root access start complaining jump here first


    Geoff Fieldew

    Stuffed up the up n down arrows but I totally agree with you. I’m happy to temp unroot to rent a movie then reroot afterwards as rootkeeper makes it simple. The film and TV industry are not easy to get content from. They are nervous because they have to pay all the people involved in producing a movie. People need to be patient with Google as it’s difficult for them to bring these large “Hollywood Film Houses” into the internet age. It’s not an easy road but at least we’ve started to see some good discounting happening with this 99c… Read more »

    Geoff Fieldew

    If you’re logged into your YouTube account you can watch it there too. ‘Tis how I roll.