Want a 16GB white Samsung Galaxy S III for a relatively reasonable price? Well on eBay Group Deal for the next week you can snap up 1 of 500 Galaxy S IIIs that are going for $719. The postage is free, so that makes this one of the cheapest ways to get a Galaxy S III. There has to be over 100 people signed up to buy one before the deal comes to fruition, but at this price, we’re completely certain it will go ahead. Hit the source link to snap one up.

Source: eBay Group Deal.
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Any chance you boys can hit up Samsung Australia for an actual explanation as to why no unbranded, unlocked blue handsets are available in Australia?
I am getting sick of waiting for my blue handset.

Damon Lewis

I would very much like to know what’s going on there. I want my pebble blue without having to sell my soul to a carrier (edit: and get it locally)

Dean Reading

Topbuy sells Pebble Blue for $711 cash price with $33 postage and $10 discount for signing up to the newsletter.
$734 with a 12 months warranty sounds good to me


Unique mobiles, $697 + $17 shipping.

Damon Lewis

If my local Dick Smith still doesn’t have an ETA for the Pebble Blue and can’t/won’t give me a good deal on the white S3 I’ll bite at this. I want the blue but I don’t want to wait forever.