Microsoft has today released a My Xbox Live app for Android, offering the hope that some day we could see the functionality offered by the Windows Phone Xbox Companion app on Android. The app is available to devices running Android 2.2+ and obviously requires an Xbox Live account as well. Currently the app’s functionality is pretty basic offering only the ability to :

  • Track and compare your achievements with your LIVE friends
  • Change up your 3D avatar
  • Message your Xbox LIVE friends
  • Edit your LIVE Profile

What I am more interested in is the possibility of reaching feature parity with the iOS version of My Xbox Live app which today received an update to allow you to play, rewind and fast-forward content on your Xbox 360 via media controls as well as searching for new content from the app. This app is certainly not as full functioning as Smartglass will be when released but it is certainly a start and may end up being the basis of the Smartglass App. Any Xbox fans out there?

Source: Google Play.