Samsung took nearly 6 months to start offering official accessories on their Australian website for the Galaxy Nexus and even then they only offered the HDMI Dock, but it now looks like Samsung is offering some accessories for the Galaxy S III on their website. You can get :

Galaxy S III Desktop Dock : $49.95
Galaxy S III C Pen Stylus : $29.95
Galaxy S III HDTV Adaptor : $39.95
Galaxy S III Flip Cover : $34.95 (Available in Blue or White)

Shipping is extra so take that into account, also when trying to purchase any of the accessories you’ll be advised that Samsung is expecting stock on hand on the 15/06/2012 so hopefully if you order tonight your order will ship tomorrow. no sign of any desktop or car docks, spare batteries, cases, S-Pebble or the wireless charging adaptor which is said to not be available till September.

Personally, I think this is a good sign that Samsung is learning, getting the Galaxy S III out to most markets fairly quickly after the initial announcement and following up with accessories as well is a great sign, now if they can just keep it up for any future launches they have. Anyone looking to purchase some accessories for their new Galaxy S III?

Edit : Looks like Samsung has a Car Navigation kit for the Galaxy S III on their accessory site as well but haven`t associated it so it doesn’t appear when you click the Accessories link from the Galaxy S III description page. The Navigation kit will set you back $39.95 + Postage and according to the description page it is ‘Adjustable cradle functionality (4.0 ~ 5.3″) allows fitting of most hard shell cases and silicon skins’ so from the sound of it, this will fit pretty much any of the Galaxy Phones up to and including the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Nexus S and of course the Galaxy S III.

Source: Samsung Aus.
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the car dock has been delayed.. 🙁 i really really need this. frustrating.


There now seems to be more there than just the 4 items mentioned in the story, including a whole bunch of colours for the flip cover (orange anyone?) and a car dock. See here:


And more changes on that page. When I first viewed it this morning all the items except the Allshare hub were due 15/6/2012. Now a lot of them, including most of the 4 items above have been bumped out until July.


Got sick of waiting for Samsung AU and bought a C-Pen from It just arrived. I’m certainly not blown away by how good it is, but maybe it’s the phone rather than the pen(?). I tried it with S-Memo and Autodesk’s Sketchbook Mobile Express. You have to press pretty hard to get any reading, and it’s pretty laggy. It doesn’t follow the pen tip very well so you really have to exaggerate your handwriting. “S”-es and “e”s have to be done pretty slowly to avoid looking like lines and ‘c’s respectively.


Minor point. The samsung AU website won’t let me register my SGS3 32gb and for the life of me I can’t find an “add to cart” or similar button on the samsung site for these accessories.


Anyone else thinking about getting the blue flip cover for their white phone?

Geoff Fieldew

Here’s a white cover on a blue phone. It actually looked pretty good.


That just links to the entire photo album, I don’t see the pic anywhere 🙁

Geoff Fieldew

Oops, hopefully this works

Geoff Fieldew

Is it rubber or ?

Geoff Fieldew

nah, it’s pretty much made of the same stuff as the back plate. The cover that flips around to protect the screen is really nice too. Here’s a video


Not in English but shows Blue cover on a white S III,


Wonder if their car holder will be 6 months late like the Galaxy Nexus one was


Any idea of when will Samsung release the wireless charging device?

Damon Lewis

Its been heavily delayed (till the end of the year rumours suggest).

Damon Lewis

*dupe ;( *


I’m thinking about getting the desktop dock if it truely does enable wireless charging.

Daniel Tyson

No, the dock does not enable wireless charging, that’s an accessory that will come later, it’s unknown if it will be in the form of a dock.