A number of people have advised that the Samsung Galaxy S III isn’t working with their existing MHL Adaptor, for those not familiar an MHL adaptor allow you to plug you phone up to your TV via HDMI. I asked our resident Jedi, Geoff who is going to be reviewing the Galaxy S III for us if he could check out if it worked on his demo unit with the Samsung MHL Adaptor he purchased for his Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus, he did and advised that it does indeed not work. Luckily Samsung are now selling an official Galaxy S III HDTV Adaptor from their webpage. What do you think, is this a bit off-putting for those looking to re-use accessories for their new phone?

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Xperia S had HDMI built in with a cable in the box…why are companies like Apple and Samsung such a**holes when it comes to this sort of thing? Market leaders yes…but they just prey on the feeble consumer who doesn’t know any better!!


WTF?? I though MHL was a standard, how did this happen!!
not happy about this at all.


It’s currently a proposed industry standard. It is not a standard yet.
Apparently this new cable is based on new specification on the proposed standard which somehow isn’t backward compatible lol.

Geoff Fieldew

Explain yourself please Mr Samsung.


Can it even be called an “MHL adapter”? I thought MHL was a standard like CD or DVD?


It is frustrating because i have the original mhl adaptor…and bought it only a few months ago. Thinking i could usw it when i upgraded. Considering ita not something i use often…having to buy again seems a huge pain. I know its hardware related so doesnt matter what you do to ur rom or what not its not going to work…but if they changed it…a reason why would atleast be appreciated considering at first glance there foesnt appear to be any real benefits… and its not a change across the board, because the orignal usb adapter i have still works… Read more »