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Photos have shown up on Google’s photo sharing site Picassa, which contain EXIF data listing the camera as : Asus and the Model as : Nexus 7. The photos showed up on June 7th and June 13th on user Somit Bh Google+ stream and according to geotag information on the photo’s they were taken in Google’s Building 44 which is famous for its giant green statue of the Android logo outside. The resolution of the pictures is only 1280×960 but from the angle and content of the shots, it’s most likely they are from the front facing camera as you can see :

The tablet which is apparently manufactured by Asus is expected to be announced next week at Google IO with a 7″ screen at 1280×768 resolution and powered by a 1.3GHz Tegra 3 Quad Core CPU, it may also be running Jelly Bean the next iteration of the Android Operating System and is rumoured to have a selling price of between $149-$249. With just over a week to go till Google IO there may be more leaks coming for this tablet, here’s hoping it will be available worldwide on release.

Source: PicassaHDBlog.it.
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Asus mentioned before that they will be the first to update when JB comes…welcome nexus 7


Let’s see who will be first to update at day one: Samsung with Galaxy Nexus or Asus with Nexus 7.

Phillip Molly Malone

If it is under $250 and available here in Oz, I will definitely be getting one! Love the idea of a Google tablet!


Agreed, Samsung has a complete lack of regard for clients in it’s release of ROM for their tablets. For this reason I will not buy one again.
Yes I want quality and reliability but nearly a year after ICS was released and still many devices do not have the update that is needed is not good. GB is poor performing crap and must be replaced now.


Actually that was meant to be HC GB is better than HC