The third movie in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ opens on the 19th of July and Gameloft has announced they have partnered with DC Comics and Warner Bros to bring us the movie tie-in game. From the look of the trailer below it appears to be a 3D fighting game but at this stage there are very few details on the content of the game. No word on a release date or pricing as yet but one can assume that it would be fairly close to the release date of the movie and pricing would be similar to other Gameloft titles in the Google Play Store which is usually $7.49AUD for most of their titles or it could possibly be released as a free title and take advantage of in-app purchasing, as soon as we know more we’ll post about it here. As a huge Batman fan I cannot wait for the movie, I’ll definitely be checking the game out as well.

The Dark Knight Rises – Gameloft Trailer :

The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Trailer :

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    Hmm, game looks pretty boring with just punching and kicking. Surely there is more to it that shown in the trailer? Love Batman – android style though!