Three weeks ago, Motorola announced on their Facebook page that they had turned the Ice Cream Sandwich update over to carriers for testing and would hopefully release it on June 21st. Well today they have announced via Facebook that the Telstra 3G Xoom will receive the udpate from today by going to Settings > About Tablet > System Updates, they do advise that you`ll have to be on the latest Honeycomb update before you get the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

However all is not well for all other Xoom owners, delays have been encountered with the update for other variants have forced Motorola to advise that they will not meet the Q2 deadline for Ice Cream Sandwich on the Xoom. The Full announcement can be seen on their Facebook page or right here :

We’re pleased to announce that the Xoom ICS software is now available for all Telstra 3G Xoom customers. You can access the new software by selecting Settings > About Tablet > System Updates on your Xoom.

You will be required to update your Xoom to the latest Honeycomb software before you can access the ICS software. You can do this by selecting Settings > About Tablet > System Updates until you can see the ICS update.

For all Xoom WiFi and non-Telstra Xoom 3G customers, we have had a delay in the ICS update for these variants, which means that we will not be able to deliver this upgrade in Q2 as planned. We are continuing to work through the issues and will update you when we have further details.

Pretty disappointing for non Telstra 3G Xoom owners, also still no explanation as to why Xoom WiFi owners are being forced to wait for carrier approval either. As a device that was launched as pretty much the refernce device for Honeycomb, it has been a long wait for early adopters who jumped on the Android Tablet bandwagon, we can only hope that the now Google owned Motorola can improve the situation for Xoom owners. Sound off in the comments, anyone received their Ice Cream Sandwich update on their Telstra Xoom 3G yet?

Update : Kieran from Vodafone has reached out to advise that they are waiting on the submission of second round software from Motorola, so no doubt this will be tested to the nth degree once received and released ASAP if deemed ready.

Source: Motorola Australia Facebook.
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Downloading update now


XOOM Telstra 3G here and no update for me..
Been sitting on Honeycomb for a while and I’m hanging for ICS 4.0….
The rollout seems to be very sporadic?


I’m not getting the update either – but bought mine through MobiCity rather than Telstra – even though I have a Telstra SIM inside. Not sure if that is considered a Telstra Device or if it is a non-Telstra.

Xoom Xoom LOL

The “issues” they are continuing to work through are based around how long Telstra paid them to sit on their hands for everyone else.

Susan Martin

I too have the update on my Telstra 3G/WiFi Xoom, and like Hayden several months back got banned from the Motorola Facebook page, without an explanation. All we were asking was questions about why ICS was taking so long. Today there have been over 80 comments about the Xoom update fiasco and the language being used would scald the remaining hair off a nearly bald mans head. Seems the Motorola staff aren’t game to start removing people off the Australian facebook page because they would receive even more brick-bats. Terrible state of affairs and I really feel for those left… Read more »

Hayden Coonan

I can’t comment on the Motorola Australia page any more, because I was falsely accused of offensive language when I kept asking the question of what was happening. And I’m laughing at them looking at all the comments they’re now getting for the hold up for non-Telstra Xooms. I have a Telstra Xoom.. I’m probably yet to really test everything out, but it does seem faster and cleaner.. But in reality, it’s all a little too late. I’ll never buy Motorola again, and I’d advise others to think twice too.. Their post product support has left a lot to be… Read more »


wtf, i don’t understand why i have to wait for the update for my xoom wifi???? the US version has had it for ages now…. this has got to be some of the worst customer service a tech company has displayed with software roll out…. i mean we shelled out cash for taking a chance on andriod for the tablet space and we get treated like this….. xoom users should have gotten the ICS update before anyone else…..


Got the update on Tuesday. Nice change to Google related apps except music player. It now won’t play any music at all. Bloody annoying! Says ‘couldn’t play the tracks you selected’. Had to download a 3rd party music player app. Music is all on SD card and appears in Google Music but it won’t play. All mp3’s.


I actually received the update on the 18th. It just came out of no where. Got home and surprised to see the software update notification and updated it. The tablet has been performing on a different level altogether. It just feels fast and a proper tablet now . can’t believe how buggy honeycomb was till I used this. Btw, mine is a telstra XOOM 3g.