Hardly surprising, leading into Google I/O at the end of July there’s the usual rumour mill circulating about what’s going to get released. The most exciting and plausible of these rumours is the Google Nexus 7 Tablet. Let’s be honest, it makes sense! The attendee’s at I/O usually get a gift of some sort from Google in the form of a phone, tablet or Chrome Book at last years event.

Digitimes have sources in manufacturing who have stated to them:

The 7-inch Nexus tablet PC already started shipping in June and is estimated to be available in the retail channel in July with the device’s total shipments expected to reach at least three million units in the second half of the year.

It will be fascinating to see if this proves true, following on from the Samsung “Guess what it’s available now” at their launch event in Sydney for Google to do this at I/O with the Nexus Tablet. Based on specs this is possibly the first Android tablet that I feel could genuinely replace my iPad.

Source: Digitimes.
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Alan Gibbons

I dunno.. they still need to do a lot of work before an android tablet is desirable to anyone. They must have something up their sleeve for jellybean.


Google I/O – end of June*

Andrew Webb

I know where part of my tax return will be going.


I am very happy with my gtab 7.7 but really it needs ICS to be more reliable. Samsung have screwed up with their OS support.


Yep. i would have bought the 7.7 already if it had ICS. Samsung’s loss is ASUS’s gain.