I’ve just been looking around the Google IO app — released earlier this week. I was checking out the list of Android related exhibitors who will be at Google IO and found an entry for Pinterest. As you can see from the screenshot I took, it announces that the app is “now available for Android”. As this is in the Google IO app, one can be lead to believe that Pinterest for Android will indeed be announced at Google IO.

There’s a little over 3 days before Google IO kicks off, and whether Pinterest for Android will launch there remains to be seen, but it’s looking very good.

The two exhibitors listed are Cynthia Maxwell titled as Chief Officer of Awesome at Pinterest currently Senior Software Engineer at Pinterest and Carl Rice who is titled as a Developer (Android, iOS, Web) and is currently a Mobile Engineer at Pinterest, none of the founders are listed but then again you expect them not to be.

On the Pinterest website in regards to an Android app they advise:

We’re working on a dedicated Android app. We know lots of folks are eager to see one, so when we feel we’re in the final stages of its development, we’ll be sure to share more information.

So this has definitely been in the works for some time and launching at IO would certainly give Pinterest extra coverage certainly.

Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website and my iOS using family members have been ‘pinning’ things using the Pinterest app and sharing them on Twitter and Facebook for a while now but sadly being on Android we’ve had to use the mobile website to access Pinterest which is a little inconvenient so hopefully this is will allow Android fans to share their pins a lot more easily. I will be interested to see once Pinterest is launched on Android, as to the reactions of iOS users, will it be similar to the negative reception some iOS users gave when Instagram launched on Android? It’ll certainly be interesting to find out.

Source: Google IO App.
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    Sounds like a solid plan to me dude.


    Why didnt some people like instagram on android

    Daniel Tyson

    They seem to feel that Android users would lower the perceived ‘quality’ of photos being uploaded to instagram


    Not if they are taking photos using the Galaxy Nexus