Following on from the launch of the Nexus 7 Launch, the news that it will be the first device to launch with Android 4.1 Jellybean and Chrome will be it’s default browser. I’m sure it comes as little surprise to most people that Chrome is exiting Beta and the first mainstream launch is now available in the Play Store for those running Android 4.0 and up.

Although the Day 1 Keynote will certainly take something special to top, there’s sure to be some fantastic information coming out of the next 2 days worth of sessions.

Source: Play Store.
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    If jellybean doesn’t support flash what do you do? Most websites have flash on them.


    What do iPhone users do?


    Flash is on the way out, most web sites have a non flash loading page. Won’t be long until there will be no flash. Don’t have a % but I’m sure flash sites would be in the lower end.


    Yeah that was pretty much my point. The only problem I find is browser performance whether mobile or desktop when dealing with HTML5 video which is what we’re most worried about here. It’ll get there though..


    Tried to install it on my GTab 7.7 HC, says it is not supported…


    Does it run ICS? Chrome browser is only compatible with ICS running devices.


    No it does not and here Android fails dismally. Back to the drawingboard google.