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The Nexus 7 is not the only new Nexus on the block, Google also announced the Nexus Q a home entertainment streamer, the first hardware product designed and built by Google. Featuring the same SOC components as the Galaxy Nexus it also has USB in/out. The Nexus Q is a home entertainment system that connects to the cloud and streams your content from the Google Play store or Youtube directly to the device. Google has designed the device to connect to Android devices via NFC and then use those devices to control the stream. Google is showcasing the Nexus Q as a social player, meaning if friends or relatives come over they can then stream content from their cloud through the device.

Google made mention that the system is ‘hackable’ but didn`t elaborate on details. Google has announced that the device will be sold only in the US at the moment for $299USD and will ship in Mid-July, there is also a set of Triad speakers that Google is selling in the Play Store as well for $399USD, again US Only at the moment but hopefully this will change soon as well.

I’d like to get my hands on both of these, so rest assured as soon as we have any further information we’ll post as soon as we can, for now, check out the video and make sure to take note of the LED ring which contains 32 LEDs to give off all the different colours.

Introducing Nexus Q :

How the Nexus Q works :

Source: TheVerge - Triad SpeakersTheVerge - Nexus Q.
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    That looks like a boring party! I hope the quickly hack this thing and add more features to it


    But does does the device come with all the social tech savy friends?