If your spidey sense was tingling this morning it’s possible it was caused by the arrival of The Amazing Spiderman game from Gameloft in the Google Play store, at a price of $7.49. The Game presents the city of New York in a 3D style sandbox, in which you fight the titular villian from the movie : The Lizard and his minions through 25 missions based on the movie storyline, there are also random missions, collectibles and more inserted into the city as well to further entertain.

The 3D game allows you to climb, jump and web-sling from building to building so it will certainly test out your devices graphics capability so I would expect some compatability issues but I can’t see a list of compatible devices in the Play Store entry as yet. As a massive fan of sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto and Just Cause I’ll probably give this a go when I’m finally finished N.O.V.A 3.

Gameloft is also running a competition to win a Sony Xperia S by cleaning off your Spiderman outfit and posing for a picture head over to their Facebook page and ‘Like’ it, then click on the competition link. Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Source: Google Play store.