+ Thursday June 20th, 2019

With a warning that it may kill your kitten or bring about the Mayan apocalypse, VLC has landed in the Google Play Store in Beta. The initial launch comes with many tongue in cheek warnings but seriously they advise there could be some issues with this initial release such as the and the user interface could change fairly majorly as well.

In terms of audio features the app includes a widget for audio control, it also supports audio headset control, cover art and a complete audio media library. For video it supports multi-track audio and subtitles, auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustements and gestures to control volume. As well as support for a media library you can also browse folders directly.

VideoLan advise that it is only available for devices with an ARMv7 CPUs that will support NEON at this stage. How do you know if your device supports neon? Open a file explorer on your device and go to the PROC folder and open the CPUInfo file in a text editor and it will tell you :

The Videolan twitter account did tweet that a Tegra2 and ARMv6 version would be out in the next couple of days, so if your device has one of those CPU’s then you`ll have to wait. At least you can be pleased that it appears they have not released it to the US or Canada at this stage, so for once the rest of the world is first!

Head on over to the Google Play store to download it but if you start the Mayan apocalypse, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Source: Google Play Store, and VideoLan Twitter.

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Works great playing up to 720p mkv files and even shows styled subs.
Lags on 1080p even with hardware acceleration enabled and totally lag
and crashed my phone when I tried to play a 10 bit Hi10p 720p mkv file
in SW but it shows a lot of promise. Will still stick with Dice and MX
video players but will definitely try this out every now and then
especially when there’s updates. Look forward to the day this exits Beta
even if that would take as long as it needed from Alpha to Beta or
longer haha.

Now to donate a few bucks to help their development.

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