EBGames is offering the 16GB Nexus 7 for pre-order at $297.97 undercutting the Google Play Store on price and offering pickup in-store so no need to pay the extra $20 delivery fee. The other interesting factors are the inclusion of the release date, they advise the tablet will be released on the 27/07 and they also advise that the deal includes the Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon Movie as well as the $25 of store credit.

This is interesting in that just yesterday we were advised by Google that the Purchasing of movies would not be available initially, so perhaps they are saving the launch of Movie purchases for the launch of the tablet in-stores. Could that also mean we could see TV Shows, Music and Magazines? Only time will tell, Google does play its cards close to its chest, they pretty much don’t comment on these sort of things right up to the point that they make the service available. Anyway, if you are willing to wait till the 27th of July you could save a couple of dollars.

Source: EBGames.
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Joe Blow

Mine arrived from Google Play on the 25th of July (Wednesday last week), with transformers and the credit. I would never buy anything from EB Games, they’re excellent at trading in products and trying to sell them as new, you never can be sure what you’re getting from that place hasn’t been used and returned thanks to their policy. I don’t believe I paid any shipping, got the 8GB and the 16GB in one shipment. $299 and $249 USD each. So I can save $3 and get it from EB? No Thanks.


Aussie tax again… what ever happened to the $200 price tag?

Daniel Tyson

The $199 is for the 8GB version, which you can purchase via VPNs etc from the US Play Store, but factor in shipping and handling then the cost of sending it back to the US for warranty if it’s ever needed and quite frankly I`ll pay the $50 extra.


I read yesterday somewhere that movie purchase, TV shows and music negotiations had fallen through with rights holders in the UK, so the nexus 7 was to be released there without those options.

Daniel Tyson

Really, that’s interesting, any chance you can dig up a link? I’d love to read that.


I don’t see why movies is available if its available on handsets and other tablets. Music magazines TV shows sure…

Daniel Tyson

It’s more the purchase of Movies, we do have the ability to rent movies already but still waiting on the ability to purchase them, I despise having to rent things. Every trip to Video Ezy I end up with Ex-Rental movies instead of renting a movie.


OK clears that up but…8gb with roughly 5gb free means 1cd…ur core apps u use…1 movie and a decent game and ur storage is maxed…with limited storage and no expandable I personally would see the need to purchase…even with the 16gb…but I hear what you’re saying


Wouldn’t **


This is interesting considering EB sells all its other tablets for rediculously high prices. Remember even if a pay to own Google movies gets dropped (instead of pay to rent) all of the movies are actually crap


I still struggle to see why someone would ‘buy’ a movie like this anyway… Magazines, sure I get that, but movies? Don’t we all have the internet…

Daniel Tyson

I’d buy digital copies of movies in a second, I currently have 1500 DVD titles spanning 4 Bookshelves which I am in the process of condensing down into Disc Wallets purely to be able to get my room back. I like to own movies. Music on the other hand….


Yeah I like to own them too, in 0s and 1s though. I hate physical media – there really is little space for it my life. I get that doesn’t work for everyone though. A 720p X264 or mkv is plenty god enough for my shit TV, so storage space isn’t that big a deal anymore.

Damon Lewis

I think you mean Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Unless they did include some Transformers and Pink Floyd mashup) 😉

Daniel Tyson

Only going on what they’ve got on their website, But I think we can all be forgiven for trying to forget Transformer Dark Of The Moon 😉


really great, I guess the savings here is on the shipping. Too bad I’ve already pre-ordered mine from Google.


A bit annoying this is. I have preordered the 16gb on the play store and now I find its available cheaper from a local store, at about the same time… I doubt we will have ours til then anyway as it will have to be shipped from Singapore …

Good to see local stores selling it though

Jason Brown

Got to hate the joys of buying something as soon as it is released,


I pre-ordered mine and had the wrong shipping address. Called google up to change and they advised they had to cancel the order and I had to replace it. The operator made no fuss at all re: cancelling and there was no obligation on me to re-order. So I’m guessing you can just call them up and cancel it?


I thought the samr initially, but you’ll note no reference to the $25 play store credit, and when you factor that in they work out at the same price.

Matt Booth

EB Games are also offering the $25 Play store credit – ”
Receive $25 Google Play Credit and Transformers: Dark of the Moon for FREE When you purchase a Nexus 7″ I tried to cancel my pre-order, but most people are being notified it’s too late because they are being prepared for shipping.