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In today’s app sales there are a number of childrens books by Oceanhouse Media, Inc check those out and there is a fairly mixed bag of other apps as well.

Freebies for today, a game which looks like fun is Bulldozer Inc.. Seems like a fun game, you essentially try and destroy stuff, not just quickly but efficiently as well, you can purchase power-ups for your Bulldozer and basically looks like something to waste some time on.

Make sure you check out the London 2012 Results app, it looks pretty good and seems to have a tablet interface as well, it’s developed by Samsung but feature wise seems pretty good.

The other app I think may be of interest is Sidecar, it’s an app that lets you make calls, share video, pics and location whilst on the call, seems to me to be a pretty cool concept but you need to have someone else with the app to make it worth while, might be good to use with your partner.

Apps on sale today :

App name Trial Version Description Was Now
1 VPN – Connect in 1 Tap With 1 VPN you can establish a VPN connection in a single tap. IMPORTANT: This app doesn’t yet work Android 4.0. $1.99 $0.99
5 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed As soon as they say good night to Mama, the five little monkeys start to jump on their bed. But trouble lies ahead as, one by one, they fall off and hurt themselves.
Their Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!” This charming bedtime story is sure to send children giggling off to bed…hopefully without any clever new ideas!
$2.99 $0.99
All By Myself – Little Critter In this simple, sweet, and very human picture book, Mercer Mayer’s popular Little Critter shows us all the things he can do by himself. He starts by tying his shoes (almost) and continues by pouring his own juice and spilling just a little! The wry illustrations often point to the fact that Little Critter doesn’t do everything perfectly, but he always makes an effort to do the best he can! $2.99 $0.99
Just Me and My Mom Little Critter enjoys a special day in the city with his mother. He means well, but gets himself in trouble all along the way. His mother is oh so patient when Critter loses the train tickets, picks up a dinosaur egg in the natural history museum, and misbehaves at lunch. In spite of his difficulties, Little Critter happily falls asleep on the train going home, exhausted from the big outing with his mother. $2.99 $0.99
5 Monkeys Wash the Car The five little monkeys and their mama have had it with their “rickety, rattletrap wreck of a car.” It’s time to sell the old heap! But the ever-so-helpful little monkeys are worried that the icky, sticky, slimy car wont sell. They scrub and wash and paint until it’s sparkly clean. But how can they sell it? It’s not long until the little monkeys’ enthusiatic planning lands them in a sticky situation down at the brown swampy lake! How will they ever get themselves out of this mess – let alone, sell the car? $2.99 $0.99
5 Monkeys With Nothing to Do When the usually rambunctious five little monkeys tell mama “We’re bored. There is nothing to do!”, mama cleverly responds “Oh yes there is” and enlists their help to clean the house for Grandma Beesie’s visit. So enthusiastically they pick up their room, scrub the floors, beat the rugs, and run to the muddy swamp to pick berries for dessert. . . but when Grandma arrives and the five little monkeys proudly take her inside, they are all in for a big surprise. “Oh my!” “Oh dear!” “Oh no!” they exclaim. Children and parents alike will adore this silly story of five clumsy but well-intentioned little monkeys that don’t always get things exactly right, but always have a good time doing it! $2.99 $0.99
5 Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake The five little monkeys wake up early to bake a surprise birthday cake for Mama. One little monkey reads off the recipe while the others scatter about the kitchen collecting baking dishes and ingredients. . . “Sh-h-h! Don’t wake up Mama!,” they remind each other. Once the cake is in the oven, they start on Mama’s birthday present. Hilarity ensues as the five little monkeys’ rambunctious activities end up drawing some unexpected (but welcomed) visitors to the house. $2.99 $0.99
5 Monkeys Go Shopping The day before school starts, Mama takes her five little monkeys shopping for clothes. “Stay right here,” she says, “AND DON’T GO WANDERING OFF!” But one little monkey has to go to the bathroom, and two little monkeys get thirsty. Then three little monkey friends arrive, and four little monkeys decide to go help find the others. . . . Will Mama ever have all five of her little monkeys together again? $2.99 $0.99
Box It! 2 Box It! 2 Free Follow an ancient Inca trail to solve the old Inca mysteries in Kazarakt.
Follow an ancient Inca trail and help Marv the miner unlock the ruins in this mind-twisting sokoban puzzle for your Android device.
$1.99 $0.99
Marv The Miner 2 Marv The Miner 2 Free Guide Marv through over 50 challenging levels in the dark Mines of Kazarakt.
Marv The Miner is out on a new adventure! This time in the Mines of Kazarakt.
$1.99 $0.99
Hide Number (Caller Id) Hide Number Try-Out When enabled, Hide Number will hide your telephone number from caller identifiers on mobile and landlines, so that the other party receives the call as “Private” or “Unknown” or “Hidden”.
You don’t need to keep changing the general settings of your Android every time you wish to make a hidden call anymore.
The app provides an easy way for you to enable and disable the sending of your number or ID to other phones or caller ID identifiers.
$1.99 $0.99
Melwin Mail – Email Client Melwin Mail – FREE TRIAL Melwin Mail is based on the popular K9 mail client, but designed for tablets. Although it was designed to take advantage of the larger tablet format, it compresses for easy use and display on Android handsets as well. Use it on your phone and you tablet. Includes several enhancements, such as Quick Text replies, Instant Send, and more, in an user-friendly, attractive interface, ability to queue messages in airplane mode and have them sent later. $4.95 $3.85
Farm Frenzy 3 So you think you’ve mastered farming sims? Try running five farms in one game! Farm Frenzy 3 challenges you to overhaul struggling farms around the world. Conquer Farm Frenzy 3, and you might find yourself president of the Farmer’s Union!
The Frenzy goes global as you tackle 95 fast-paced levels in Africa, Russia, the Wild West, an untamed jungle and more! Feed 30 exotic animals such as walruses, penguins and llamas while protecting your farm from dangerous jaguars, lions and bears!
$1.99 $0.99

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