We know that the Nexus 7 is going to get some accessories due to their listing a cover and additional power adapter on the Google play store, what we don`t know is any concrete information on when you can get your hands on either of these accessories. Asus has tweeted the above picture of 6 different colours of the cover featured in the Play Store, also adding the #Nexus7 hashtag to their tweet to confirm the device they are for.

I asked Google Australia about the accessories and they directed me to Asus, I am now waiting on replies from both Asus and EBGames regarding accessories and will update as soon as they reply. That’s the covers, now what about the spare power cable and the rumours of a POGO-pin dock? If you do happen to spot any of the accessories, please send us a heads-up via
[email protected]
. Now, the important question, which of the colours do you like, personally I like the black?

Source: Asus Twitter.
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Wish they would tell us when they r launching these locally need a orange one for my 16gb 7 when it arrives