+ Saturday November 16th, 2019

Jean-Baptiste Queru, the Technical Lead at Google for the Android Open Source Project, has advised on the Android Building, Google Group that the code for Jelly Bean will be released to AOSP today. As all of you know the release of the code for Jelly Bean means that anyone can now download the source and compile their own build, which as all you modding fans know means the beginning of custom ROMs. The code is being published right now but as you can see from the entry he made only the binaries for Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus will be made available initially with Nexus S and Xoom to follow shortly.

We’re releasing Android 4.1 in AOSP today.

The name of the tagged release is android-4.1.1_r1.

The name of the development branch is jb-dev.

We recommend that you create new clients, even if you’re working in
the master branch. It’ll make your clients smaller and faster to sync.

Proprietary binaries are available for Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus. Nexus
S and Xoom will follow.

So the race is on, who will have the first AOSP based ROM out?

Source: Google Groups.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Where can we get a Jellybean Android like in the pic?


Does this mean we might see JB pushed to Nexus devices soon?

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