Telstra has made the decision to retire the Galaxy Nexus from their range to concentrate on newer models of Android phones such as the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III and after checking I confirmed the phone has been removed from their online store. So if you are still looking to get a Galaxy Nexus on a plan with Telstra it appears you will have to check individual stores for stock levels but the two I tried had no stock. Vodafone and Optus still have it available on their websites however for how long is anyones guess.

I purchased my 2nd Galaxy Nexus yesterday because I like the stock Nexus experience but I`m not considered the average consumer but, with Jelly Bean rolling out to Galaxy Nexus phones now and no word from manufacturers of a time frame for Jelly Bean on their devices is anyone still purchasing the Galaxy Nexus?

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Where are people getting their Nexus’ from now? Every site seems to have terrible reviews. Are there any legit sites to get unlocked phones from

Darren Kemp

I convinced my wife to get one a week ago and there was 1 left in SA, WA and NT. Luckily my local JBHiFi still had two left.


Had mine since release and now running jelly bean and wow why would you want any other phone really. The only down side is the camera but hey its a phone not a camera. But if you want jelly bean now follow this step by step set up without rooting your phone.


I grabbed my Nexus from Virgin the day after the SGSIII was announced – $0 on $29 – and very pleased as I too noticed they stopped selling it only a week or two later. I noticed the Nexus was $49 prior to SGSIII, and Vodafone had it for $29 for ages. I complained to Virgin their price point was still too high, next day it dropped. I know it was because of the SGSIII but like to say it was me 😛


Just bought mine last week. Great phone. Updated to 4.0.4 out of the box. Love the stock setup and the io announcement of jelly bean sold me.


I’m pondering of getting Galaxy Nexus instead of GS3 because of Jelly Bean. Where can I get the best deal for this?


I bought my Galaxy S2 off of Mobicity and I’ve been very pleased with it. Perhaps not the absolute cheapest, but very darn close and well worth the tiny bit extra for the customer service. Great website, speedy delivery.


Just got one for myself off kogan. They have it for about $400


I was close to buying one from kogan too, but then I read that there may be differences between the international version and the aus version. I’m not sure what those differences might be, so I read a bit more, hoping to find out more info. The page “About Ruslan Kogan” has two pictures of him pulling down his glasses to leer at the camera, with a “famous Ruslan Kogan” quote section. The guy’s a psycho! Anyone know what the difference is between the Aus and international version? And is Kogan a disreputable site, or is the founder’s personality disorder… Read more »


Well I didn’t have any problems.The hardware is the same, but like phones here it didn’t have the image that gets updates automatically from Google. The first thing I did was put the Google image on it and jellybean was pushed to my phone today.
I can’t really comment on the Logan founder, but the service I had was fine.


Thanks for your reply hettar. I bought a nexus from another website this morning, and it was a bit more expensive, I think I might have wasted $50 but oh well. I’m looking forward to getting it and chucking jelly bean straight on. From what I read it is quite easy to do!


think a few of us nexus Telstra users may have upset them on crowd support.
silly because 4.1.1 with latest radio works so well without Telstra touching it.

Jason Berek-Lewis

Will they still support the phone? I’m still waiting for 4.0.4, let alone Jelly Bean…


Virgin have done the same. They had it free on a $29 plan a couple of weeks ago (presumably to clear stock) and its now gone.


I was considering replacing my SGS1 with a GNex, but the fact that it only has 16GB internal storage with no SD card and no 32GB option available is AUS put me off… Decision: my SGS1 with SlimICS is doing me just fine for now. Will google ever provide more storage in its devices? The new Nexus7 is another case in point…


No, they will never provide more storage or a microSD slot. The Nexus 7 is a good case in point. it’s subsidised by Google so they can make money off their online services, eg. Google Movies, Google Music, etc. Providing ample online storage would defeat the purpose of the subsidy. Fine for the US with generous data plans, not so great here. The Nexus line generally is meant to represent Google’s vision of everything on Google’s servers.


The lack of external storage capability, baked into the Nexus devices with the specific intention to force you into using Google’s ‘cloud’ services, is why the Nexus devices are permanently off my shopping list.


I’m the opposite. The Nexus devices are at the top of my shopping list. Sure, I’d like more storage but I’m happy to make do with 16GB if it means having the latest software. I’ve been running Jelly Bean for the last couple of weeks on my Galaxy Nexus and it’s been 100% stable, no bugs and very, very smooth. I’ll wait for the next Nexus before upgrading.

Chris Rowe

Got mine a month ago up from the galaxy s. Will never buy anything but nexus again. My brother has sgs3 and I hands down prefer the stock Android experience over the hardware superiority.

David Anderton

f#@% telstra, they should at least wait until a new nexus comes out.

Luke Wiwatowski

Just ordered mine. Jelly bean looks too good to pass up, and my Galaxy S is getting quite long in the tooth.

Andrew Palozzo

I hope they replace it with a new nexus that’s LTE compatible in October…

Buzz Moody

Probably a 4G Galaxy S III


Still the best phone to buy IMO, especially outright and at prices around $350 now, it’s a steal.

Sure there are more powerful phones out there, but the Gnex is plenty fast, and with a huge modding community (bigger than any other phone) and best support from Google, I think it still provides the best, unencumbered Android experience.

Buzz Moody

Wow. Nice..

David Anderton

whats nice?

Buzz Moody

Killing off a fairly new device. Time are a changin’