Coles are selling a 7″ Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich by Pendo, the tablet actually has some decent specs for a cheapish device offering some things that are a bit of a sticking point for Nexus 7 owners such as HDMI Out and expandable memory. One thing I have learned from the last two days with the Nexus 7, is that the 7″ form factor is Brilliant! I cannot state this enough, I can’t speak for this one, but it’s certainly something to look into
Specs :

  • 7″ WVGA(800×480) Capacative screen
  • 1GHz Cortex A8 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB internal memory with microSD card slot
  • 0.3MP Front Facing Camera and 2MP Rear Camera
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Battery offers Up to 9 hours music, 4.5 hours video, 5 hours web browsing
  • 380gms

If sales of tablets such as the Bauhn branded tablet from Aldi and the continued strong sales of the Nexus 7 are anything to go buy there is a huge market for tablets out there and this one is at least running Android 4.0. If you’re looking for a cheapish tablet for the kids or something in that vein this could be for you.

Personally I have this advice, spend the extra money and invest in a Nexus 7, updates for the Pendo Pad may or may not eventuate where as you are guaranteed updates with the Nexus 7, if on the other hand you just want some thing cheap, this could be for you. Pendo are selling it on their website for $149 as well but they have a $9 shipping charge on top, so check out your local Coles store if you want to try before you buy.

Update :
According to Ozbargain the Tablet is actually going for $99 at the Gunghalin store, I can’t say this actually sways me towards it any but if I had kids nagging me for a tablet that would certainly be almost worth it.

Source: Coles.
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    Ashley Mark French

    am quite amused byall of these so called experts that rubbish these pendopad 4.0 because they don’t come bundled with the android market or play store. I followed the istructions give to me by a 14 year old kid and hey presto, google play store and google services. Took all of half an hour. Getting root privelleges was also quite simple. For $89 from Coles beats any other tablet by far. It also runs flash and the only thing I’ve yet to get working is Java. Why people comment on what they don’t know or haven’t tried is beyond me


    Hi why not share the procedure to root. Thanks in advance

    Ashley Mark French

    Ok, I used a script called Bin4ry from XDA Developers to get root privileges. The link to the page is : To install Google Market/Play use the information from the following link: Easy as, then use an app called Paragon NTFS&HFS+ and you should be able to use drives larger than 16 gig with an OTG cable. A HDMI to HDMI mini cable allows TV’s to connect, perfect for watching movies. A USB hub gives allows many device combinations. It’s that good, it almost replaces my Windows machine but not quite. The only downside for it is the… Read more »


    The $99 Audiosonic T-07B from K-Mart does have access to Google Play. Angry birds, Jetpack Joyride and even Minecraft work great – as does Youtube and facebook. It is certainly much faster than the $99 Aldi one from late 2012.

    It’s a budget tablet and you get what you pay for. The screen isn’t fantastic and the battery life is pretty poor – but with a capacitive touch screen, Android 4.0 and reasonable processor, it’s good for basic tasks.

    Chris Marsh

    The Kmart audiosonic 7″ has rockchip rk2906, it has play store, I had a little play with it just before copied some dvdrips to it and it played them all well, thats all i want it for really lay in bed and watch movies with my nice headphones on. youtube and facebook were acceptably decent speeds, its of course not as fast as my galaxy s3 but it wasn’t too far behind. for $99 its great as your not too concerned with damaging it or giving to the kids etc. the resolution is a bit of a letdown but perfectly… Read more »


    Kmart, rather…


    Kmart flogged the ‘Telefunken’ blandded, crippled tablets in early q4 last year. I’ve not heard of any ‘Audiosonic’ blanded ones.

    Matt Lobegeiger

    Yeah, the audiosonic ones were in the catalogue a couple of weeks ago. $99 for the 7″and $199 for the 10″


    I suspect this thing, like the Kmary ‘Audiosonic’ tablets, doesn’t have access to Google Play. Can anyone confirm?

    Ashley Mark French

    It doesn’t come with it but it’s simple to add, I followed a 14 year old’s directions and was done within half an hour.


    Audiosonic 7″ tablet from K-mart does come with Google Play installed – works fine for me. It’s a great little tablet for Internet access, email, Skype, etc


    They can be quite useful, for example as controllers in home automation. See


    Great way to further damage the Android OS, by making shit cheap tablets that will only frustrate people. When the OS lags because of the nugget hardware they will say “this tablet is shit I’m never buying one again, I’m buying an iPad”. They won’t remember it as the table manufacturer but Android which dissapointed them! The Median ALDI tab was GOD awful, no apps worked (uncertified device) and was so dam slow. Buy a decent tablet!

    Ashley Mark French

    There’s a certain amount of lag with any machine, my Windows 8 machine included.


    This 7in wifi only Pendo Pad has been available from Coles Mobile for over a month now.


    First thing that falls short with the cheaper android tablets is usually the WIFI range and battery life

    Ashley Mark French

    Wifi range and battery of Pendopad 4.0 is good.

    Greg McPherson

    I’m just amused that the Nexus is the expensive option.

    I know someone looking for a cheap tablet for their kid. This might do the job.

    Bradey Nicholson

    Looks just like the 7″ Agora tablets Kogan used to sell and, if you didn’t know, Kogan also have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7″) 8GB for $249 plus delivery.


    So many idiots will buy this shit.

    And they deserve it!