Google has just released a Nexus 7 commercial on their GoogleNexus Youtube channel which shows off the possibilities of this nicely built and priced tablet. Google has seemed to make a bit more of an effort to advertise their own products starting with the Galaxy Nexus and the trend seems set to continue starting with this advert.

From what I’ve been seeing of the initial launch of the Nexus 7, sales have been pretty good. The smaller computer retailers did a fantastic job getting stock in early and most sold through their stock fairly quickly to the point that there was still been some difficulty in getting hold of one of the tablets at least until this past weekend when the major retailers such as JB HiFi, Harvey Norman and Bing Lee started receiving them into their stores, with some stores even selling through their stock allocations. Most of the other retailers such as Officeworks and Dick Smith are expecting their stock this week, so check out the commercial and let us know what you think, should Google be airing something like this on Australian TV to encourage more sales or should there be something localised produced?

This tablet with its impressive price specs and price point is a great leap forward in terms of getting Android out there to the masses but specifically Google Australia has to do a lot more in terms of getting content to devices with sections of the Google Play store still inaccessible to Australians such as Google Music, Magazines and also the TV and Movie purchases that were announced at Google IO. With an advert like this airing on TV and the opening of more content to Australian consumers I think this could be one of the hottest items on sale this year.

Source: Android Central.
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How do all those things work without internet connectivity when you’re camping in the sticks with a wifi only device?

Daniel Tyson

At the end of the commercial it pans out and they`re in the back yard. lol I had the same though all the way through, I was more concerned with how the battery lasted that long

Tom Rubery

Haha I was thinking the same thing, wow that battery lasts forever, mine doesn’t lad that long lol

Craig Harvey

Carry a portal 3G WiFi hotspot, a BioLite CampStove with USB power to recharge the devices … or just camp in the back yard.