Telstra have launched a new app dubbed “Telstra 24×7” which helps you manage your Telstra service. You can check your usage/balance, recharge, find stores and get in contact with support. The app doesn’t give you notifications when your data or allowance is running low as Telstra provide this service via SMS already. However, the ability to have a quick glance at your account is always nice.

There aren’t any widgets included in the app to enable even quicker access to your account’s info, although this isn’t a huge set back. Huge props to Telstra for building the app specifically for Android and making it fit in with the Android 4.X look and feel, instead of being a sad web-app.

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Source: Play Store.
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ELISA kostiw

Hey to anybody out there,,,,,I have a question about how I can recover previous messages or text in a a pre-paid situation. Am I able to retreieve these texts even if being pre-paid. Surely there is a paper trail even for that kind of stuff ,,, surely,,,,, please answer a sap would be very difficult much appreciated.
Thank you kindly,
Elisa Kostiw

Johnny Anon

Okay, this is fine.

But where are the details on how much I’ve spent of my cap?

I already have a widget for data usage…so I’d like something that deal with call/text usage.


Does this app come with the ability to uninstall TelstraOne from System ROM?


In the Telstra section of the Google Play Store there is an admittedly dated app called “TelstraOne” which comes with a data usage widget.


Why does this application need to read all my contact information?

Brett Adams

If they added widgets, this could replace my third party usage meter, but its nice to have an official Telstra method of checking my accounts. I’m also glad its better than the Telstra One app (which will now be uninstalled).


Not compatible with 4 of my 5 Android devices. Swell.


What devices do you have? It works on my XOOM, Atrix, Droid Pro and Nexus One. I’m just surprised its not compatible!


Hrm… odd – well firstly its ‘incompatible’ with my Nexus one X (not XL). As well as a galaxy note, nexus S, HTC Cha Cha.


Guess it’ll be good to compare to Android’s built-in data usage tracking towards the end of my billing month. Runs ok on my Galaxy Nexus.

Neerav Bhatt

Note that this app doesn’t work for Telstra Business customers 🙁