Samsung has been sending out ‘Save the date’ emails to press for an event to be held by Samsung America next month to show off their ‘Newest Galaxy device’. The email that the press are receiving is promising a major product announcement but little else in regards to what. Two rumoured products which are supposedly close to being launched are the Galaxy Note 2 which was thought to be being launched at IFA in Berlin later next month or the long awaited Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet which was first shown off at Mobile World Congress in Spain earlier this year before being retooled to include a slot for the S-Pen to go on-board.

What do you guys think? Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 10.1 or something completely different we haven’t heard of before?

Source: AndrdoidCentral.
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Susan Martin

The new Samsung Series 9 Notebook official release!!!!!!

Myk Dowling

*fingers crossed for Galaxy Note 10.1*


The last thing they need is another tablet.

Daniel Tyson

I think there’s room for more in the Note range. I think a Note 10.1, Note 7.7 and Note (5.5″/5.3″) would be a good range, stop the scatter shot approach and concentrate on those 3 sizes and then do a yearly refresh on them, they could keep up to date with updates on the OS etc and with the S-Pen they could avoid a fair few lawsuits