Long suffering owners of the 3G and Wifi editions of the Motorola Xoom your day has come at last. Motorola has announced via their Facebook page that Ice Cream Sandwich is now available for download, they advise that you should really do this over Wifi to avoid any excess data charges :

We’re pleased to announce that the Xoom ICS software is now available for all Australian wifi and 3G customers. You can access the new software by selecting Settings > About Tablet > System Updates on your Xoom.

You will however be required to update your Xoom to the latest Honeycomb software before you can access the ICS software. You can do this by selecting Settings > About Tablet > System Updates until you see the ICS update. Please note, you will not be able to revert back to Honeycomb once you’ve upgraded to ICS. We advise that your download via WiFi to avoid possible data charges.

I love how they advise ‘Please note, you will not be able to revert back to Honeycomb once you’ve upgraded to ICS’ I know you all will be gutted at that caveat but in all seriousness the news that Jelly Bean is now being rolled out to Xoom Wifi editions in the US is a bit of a kick in the proverbial. Now, on to the update, if you have a Wifi or 3G Xoom and you have the update, what is it like?

Source: Motorola Facebook page.
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uhuh, Motorola Australia releases Ice Cream Sandwich to Aussie Xoom owners on the same day Motorola USA pushes Jelly Bean to US Xoom owners, that basically sums up how “efficient” Motorola Australia is.

Susan Martin

They really are a CLASS ACT … NOT!!!!!!!

Adam Sacco

Released on the same day my GED-ified Wifi Xoom gets Jellybean. Sums Motorola up quite nicely doesn’t it?


i am seriously considering putting the US rom on my xoom…. it is unacceptable i had to wait this long to just get ICS…. will probably have to wait 6 to 10 months just to get jelly bean

Thanh Ngoc Nguyen

Lol 6 or 10 months seem really optimistic, I highly doubt they’ll ever push the JB for Xoom Wifi lol


i know…. i just got fed up and GEDified my xoom the other day… now i am enjoying Jelly Bean and all its sweetness…. the process of GEDitying the xoom is very easy too.
here is the link is any one is interested.