Okay, the Olympics have now started, the Opening Ceremony was on this morning and I as usual didn’t watch it, however I’m told by Twitter that there was much Voldemort vs Mary Poppins action going on at least at one stage. Now I’ve covered most of these before in the Daily App roundup posts or even in their own posts but wanted to have them all in one post so that anyone who hasn’t checked those posts out can get find them all in one place.

First is the Australian Olympic Team 2012 the official app of the Australian Olympic Team for London 2012, it features News, Results, Medal Tally and Athlete profiles for the entire Australian team. It’s specifically skewed towards the Australian Team so pretty much all the information or news you receive through the App will be about the Australian teams participation in the games, it’s great to see an Android app for the games as well.

The next most ‘Official’ app is London 2012 Results App. This app will give you all the results, news and information about the Olympic games that you need. It also allows you to set the country you want to follow and news is fed into your app. It looks good on the Nexus 7 as well. It’s a free app and despite some Samsung branding in there is actually really good.

Next is the London 2012-OfficialGame which is a free game, there are 9 sports you can participate in 100M, 110M Hurdles, 100m Freestyle, Double Trap, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, 100m Butterfly, Kayak (K1) and Archery. The Full game which provides 3,000 stars and 5 max. stamina points, double stat rewards is on special at the moment for $0.99 down from $2.99 so make sure you’re on that one. Very fun game so jump on it.

One Olympic app as Australian as Vegemite, is actually from Vegemite. It’s a wakeup service, you can set the app to wake you by either event time or specified time. Just to ensure you wake up Laurie Lawrence and Dave Hughes have supplied the wakeup greetings so if that doesn’t scare you out of bed, then nothing will. Best of all it is free.

If you are lucky enough to have Foxtel then you already have 8 extra channels dedicated to the Olympics, why not grab the LONDON 2012 App From Foxtel it will stream the 8 channels to your device, has catch up for all Gold Medal events, a Must Watch section, Medal Table, Channel Guide and the ability to remote record to your iQ or MyStar, I can’t tell you much as the app is only compatible with my Touchpad and the Nexus 7 and Acer Iconia A510 don’t even get a look-in.

If you happen to actually be in London(Why are you reading this? Get out there and do some sight seeing), then the London 2012 Join In App is probably a great idea, it provides all the information you’ll need when attending events like maps and lists of events surrounding the games, really only useful if you’re on the ground in London.

This app is from one of the Official sponsors of the Olympics -Coca-Cola, the LondonCoca-Cola My Beat Maker is one for the creative types it allows you to remix the official Coca-Cola anthem via motion from your phone, bit of a weird one but what the hey, give it a go.

There are also apps from NBC in the US and CTV in Canada however both those apps are best suited for use within those countries.

So that’s it, I promise no more Olympics apps. Get the one that suits you and use it as you see fit. Go Australia.

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    I found the APK to the Foxtel app here: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1954226

    Works perfectly on my Acer A500 (running CM10). It’s an iPad port, but it works alright. On the highest quality setting, the video is decent enough for full screen viewing.

    Daniel Tyson

    Nice work, if I only I wasn’t such a tight a*** and paid for Foxtel now, lol


    Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be watching much of the Olympics if they didn’t give it to subscribers for free this year! I’m really only following the basketball, obviously the main events I’ll try and catch, and the app will help for that because you can go back and watch any gold medal event on demand.

    Chris Spencer.

    Fantastic roundup. Thanks Daniel.