Todays Nexus 7 video is focusing on Google Now. The Google Now feature in Jelly Bean has been an interesting albeit limited feature to start with which I hope to see built over time. Already there are concepts out there as to what other cards could be added to the Google Now platform, some of the interesting ideas I’ve seen so far have been

  • Package Tracking – Gmail scanned automatically for tracking numbers for parcels and a card pops up. There are third party trackers but a Google Now card would be cool.
  • Stock Prices – Not a bad option to have if you own shares to have your share prices available at a glance.
  • TV Guide – Listing what’s showing now on the local stations.
  • Tasks – Integrate your Google Tasks list into a card.
  • Birthday/Anniversary Reminders – I never remember dates and having this popup with say a reminder a week before would be handy.
  • Music/Book/Movie Charts – Some people like to keep up to date on this info on a daily basis.
  • Movie timetables – Remember this stuff can be swiped away but if you search for a movie, Google Now could sense you’re looking for this information and supply local theatre schedules.

I can’t wait to see what can be done with Google Now. An API supplied for Now by Google so third party developers can supply info to cards is an option but I guess we just wait and see what happens. For now I’d just like to see sport results in there for Australian sporting teams. What ideas do you have for Google Now cards?

Nexus 7 – Google Now

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wow this is really very cool and informative video u have shared here i like it thanks for sharing here.