I’ve been tweeting at the @AsusAU twitter feed and posting on their Facebook wall for a while now asking about accessories for the Nexus 7 and received no response, however last night @AsusAU finally must have gotten sick of me or they actually got some information but they finally replied with some information, which will come as some good news at least for those who are wanting an official cover for their Nexus 7 :

Not a definite date but two weeks sounds about right. Hopefully when they do launch it will be the range of colours they tweeted about or even better they launch with the full range of accessories we saw yesterday.

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Tim Drough

I only just read this… I posted on the Asus FB page a while ago and never heard back so I thought stiff chedder and have ordered a MoKo Slim Cover Case from Amazon…


I wonder if these covers will work in the dock that is coming?