Looks like the Galaxy Note or its successor is all the news today, the Optus software update page has also been updated to advise that just like Vodafone they have approved the update for their network and are waiting on the manufacturer to roll it out to customers, Samsung has yet to comment on the rollout for the phone on either network but I would again urge Galaxy Note owners to ensure that their Kies software on PC or Mac is up to date in case Samsung decides to roll it out via their desktop software rather than FOTA.

Still waiting on word from Samsung or any of the carriers as to the status of the Galaxy Note Premium Suite that was included with the Ice Cream Sandwich update in other markets around the world which brings updates to the S-Note Productivity Tool, the My Story App and an S Memo Upgrade. Samsung themselves released the video below highlighting the updates in the ICS Premium Suite and that Stylus just really makes me want a note or maybe a Note 2.

Galaxy Note – Ice Cream Sandwich Premium Suite

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So I have tried updating through kies and FOTA to no avail 🙁


Be really good if there was more communication regarding this. Poor effort on both Samsung Australia and the Australian Telco’s regarding support and updates for the Galaxy Note.


unlreated to the Note but where is the Australian ICS release for the Galaxy Tab 7.7!!

Dan Murphy

Or 10.1

Daniel Tyson

I`m no Samsung Kies expert having only updated my wifes SGS II but you have tried plugging your devices into Kies and seeing if an update was available yes? I know Matt saw an update for his 7.7 and Geoff saw the update for his 10.1. Love to hear if they’re out


I’d totally do that for the 7.7 except that kies states it can’t update it. To be exact “Your device does not support software updating via Kies”