We’ve received an official statement from Samsung today stating that:

Samsung Electronics Australia is delighted to confirm that we will be opening the first Samsung Experience Store at 450 George Street in Sydney in coming months. The store will be a premium space designed to allow Australian consumers an opportunity to experience the latest, cutting-edge Samsung products. We will be making an announcement with more details including the official opening date very soon.

At this stage that’s all we’ve got to offer with regards to direct source information, it certainly confirms the rumours bouncing around the internet for the past 6 weeks or so regarding the location and further demonstrates Samsung’s desire to compete nose to nose with Apple. The timing appears to be perfect for leading into the Christmas rush, well played Samsung!

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Photo Credit : Beau Giles

Source: Samsung P.R.
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Big deal. I am unlikely to ever go to Sydney. When will they put one in a market of 4 million people known as Melbourne?


I’m hoping this will mean faster updates to phones, last they’ll want to see are disgruntled customers bringing in their phones asking when they’re going to receive their latest update. Ie; ICS on Galaxy Note.

My guess is that Galaxy Note owners still won’t see ICS even after this store launches. Lol.

Geoff Fieldew

And with that, a little more control is wrest away from the carriers. Won’t be easy though. As much as an Apple store looks glorious it’s a place of frustration for those who work there. It’s where everyone takes their frozen, broken, smashed and inoperable gadgets. Oh and not to forget showing Granny how to open an account.

Also, if they have people there called anything similar to Genius, I will surely lose it.


They’ll have S-Experts


Sexperts you say?

Buzz Moody

Where do I sign up?