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Last year over 400 products were recalled for one reason or another, to make it easier to find out which products have been recalled and what to do if you own said product the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as launhed the ACCC Recalls Australia app onto the Google Play Store. The app accesses the online database from the ACCC which contains all the information on the latest product recalls, it also has an option to allow you to photograph an unsafe item and report it to the ACCC.

The app is available for Android devices running Android 2.1 and upwards, it is a pretty small app at 447k but they still warn you to download it on WiFi if you’re worried about data consumption on your mobile plan. I certainly can see some scaling issues in the application on my Jelly Bean based Galaxy Nexus, the tab names as shown in the stock screenshots above seem to sink below the main screen but it’s free and provides a valuable service and be sure to provide feedback to the developer.

Galaxy Nexus Screenshots :

Source: ACCCGoogle Play.
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    anyone else read the headline as ACCC recalls android?


    I so did. thought there was an app to be recalled from my phone, inspected individually before it my phone explodes into flames. but seriously, i thought an app was being recalled. totally got me like that. lol


    Asus Nexus 7
    This item is not compatible with your device.