Samsung has pre-empted their own August 15th Announcement and started releasing information, Engadget was the first to start showing it off. Samsung has advised that the Note 10.1 will ship globally in August in WiFi and 3G varieties and an LTE version could be coming later in the year, whether the LTE version ever makes it to Australia or not is debatable but I’m sure if there is enough call for it Samsung would probably speak to the LTE carriers in Australia to see if a launch was plausible.

The tab will come in White and Black and have a quad-core Exynos processor and 2GB of RAM and of course feature the lovely S-Pen. Samsung is certainly pushing the productivity aspect of the Note 10.1 and I can see this making a big splash as the novely of the Stylus is certainly hitting a chord with a large number of people. Samsung has released an introductory video to introduce you to the note which shows off the productivity side of things :

Still waiting on word back from Samsung Australia in regards to availability with retailers however you can always depend on Mobicity to be there ready to take pre-orders, they are offering the White Galaxy Note 10.1 on their website for $849 including free shipping with a 12 month warranty, but no shipping date has been advised as yet, but rest assured they will get it to you as soon as stock starts rolling in.

Source: Engadget.
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Greg McPherson

A few thoughts. The screen splitting multitasking looks nice, but is it strictly S-Apps only?
And I wish the video showed real usage. That fake simulation leaves me feeling like it isn’t going to be as smooth as it looks there.

And finally, the various Note gadgets should work as full Wacom Digitiser Tablets. Plug it into USB or bluetooth, and it works as a digitiser for your Mac or Windows Photoshop work. Do that, and you’ll have a huge huge selling point.


$600 and I’m in.


A$850 sounds like a rip off. It’s selling for gbp400 in the UK (source: Engadget) & US$400 in the US (source: B&H Photo)

Dave O'Reardon

Sorry, US$500 –
Which is about AU$475. So you can spend up to AU$350 on shipping and still get it cheaper than Mobicity!


Surely this high price that mobicity is offering is just trying to make some extra money off people that absolutely can’t wait to get it. I’m assuming the price will be lower when it’s officially launched here.
That said, Australia often gets screwed on prices, so who knows.

Greg McPherson

I know Mobicity is a big part of Ausdroid, but they are always too expensive.


I’m willing to bet it’ll be an absurd price when compared to overseas. It’s more an exception to the rule when something is fairly priced here in terms of mobiles and tablets. Heck that’s still the case with a lot of things… sometimes I wonder how our economy floats at all.

Taufiq Khan

Man that does not look intuitive.


I’d say that depends on whether you have the intelligence of a human or a small lizard.

Taufiq Khan

Not sure why my comment was deleted. Based purely on the above video, the UI is not as intuitive as it could be. I agree with your point EGG, but one of the main reasons that the iPad is still dominating the market is that the UI necessitates minimal cognitive load.