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    Manish Rana

    The Head band is too heavy. I am returning these because they are uncomfortable.


    That’s a bit pricey,
    I can get a nice pair of audiophile headphones a couple hundred dollars cheaper than that~~
    The additional functions don’t really add enough worth in my opinion. Overall they seem to be on the same realm as Beats, overpriced headphones.
    Seems like a nice pair of headphones though not $499 nice >_<


    Quality review thank you, I have a ? tho. How does nfc pairing work, as yet i like the idea of nfc but am waiting to see how it matures security wise before i would use it for any financial transaction but this seems to be an interesting and practical use for the nfc tech.


    Daniel, you didn’t do your homework before filing this.
    This bluetooth noise canceling headset is available from:
    Noisy Motel $499 – http://www.noisymotel.com/product.asp?ProductID=418
    Addicted to Audio $498 – http://www.addictedtoaudio.com.au/Parrot-Zik
    Jaben Audio $499 – http://www.jaben.com.au/collections/frontpage/products/parrot-zik-noise-cancelling-bluetooth-headphones

    Geoff Fieldew

    They look lovely Dan. Parrot make excellent loudspeakers too.


    So is that what you were picking up in the Apple Store with the Ausdroid hoodie?

    Daniel Tyson

    Ha, no. My Apple store visit was extremely brief.