Saturday , May 26 2018

Video: HTC Dream gets a pre-alpha build of Android 4.1.1 via CyanogenMod

Remember the original Android device, the HTC Dream (or G1 in the US)? Well thanks to a pre-alpha build of CyanogenMod’s Android 4.1.1 ROM, you can now run it on the hardware of the past. The performance is far from what Google would hope to see with ‘Project Butter’, however it is pretty cool to see. The guy in the video even says that this isn’t worth using as a daily driver, but I don’t think anyone would still use their Dream as a daily driver if they’re savvy enough to root/ROM it.

You can check out the ROM at the source link below.

Source: The Verge, and XDA-Devs.

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Until a few weeks ago I was still using gingerbread on my Dream as my daily driver. Being tech savvy doesn’t mean you have the finances for upgrading phones frequently

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