Looks like the Asus Nexus 7 Travel covers are on-sale at at least one JB Hifi store with Michael tweeting Ausdroid to advise us that he picked up the above cover at the JB Hifi store at Epping Plaza in Victoria today. He said that unfortunately this was the only one on the shelf, it is the Dark Grey colour from the Google Play Store listing and there were no other colours available and was priced at $25.

The Google Play store listing for the Travel Cover still shows no stock for Australians but I now hand it over to you guys, if there’s one out there, there has to be more, let us know details on where and how much in the comments if you can find one!

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Daniel Tyson

Got mine finally at JB Hifi in Westfield in Pitt St Mall. Last cover left, only Teal available. But it’s beginning to grow on me


I actually got mine on the 4 of August from JB Hi-Fi in Doncaster. I got the turquoise coloured one. When I bought it they had a few of the greys and turquoise left. I got mine for $25.

Not a big fan of the case – it protects it but like the others say the cover flops and I also find that it makes the tablet rather heavy. However it is good for now until nicer cases come.

Geoff Fieldew

Picked up a grey one today from JB Hi-fi Watergardens. It fits well with good access to ports and buttons. It looks like it will do a good job of protecting it’s cargo. If you need a case for more than the above I suggest waiting. There are no cool features that allow you to do things like using it as a stand or switching off the display with an embedded magnet. Unfortunately the front cover doesn’t latch in any fashion so it can flap around if you’re not holding it face up. Also, you can’t try it before you… Read more »


Got mine from job for $16 guys . Turquoise colour 🙂


I got the turquoise color today from Brisbane City branch.

Tee-Kheang Ng

saw an aqua one at JB hifi Woden ACT…

Jens Garcia

Got mine from JB a few days ago

Daniel Tyson

Send us the tip next time 😉 What do you think of the case?


Bought mine from job HiFi in Sydney a few days ago. Its rubbish and I don’t recommend it. Very ugly and the cover flap doesn’t have a way to keep closed.


Also it makes the volume button very easy to press. I’m just using it temporarily until my dodo case comes in 🙂


Agreed – crapolla – still bought it tho