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Motorola is looking to steamline its business through job cuts and focusing on fewer phone releases each year. 20% of Motorola’s staff are expected to lose their jobs in the move, with a third of them coming from inside the US, leaving the rest in Asia and Europe. Motorola is also going to cut some of its spending on R&D in Chicago, Sunnyvale, and Beijing.

There are also going to be less phone releases per year from Motorola so that they can focus their efforts on launching great devices that both Google and consumers will be pleased with. Whether that plays out as we’d like to think is yet to be seen.

Source: The VergeNew York Times.
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Motorola’s problems have never been the hardware. It has always been and continues to be, their service. Proof is in the Xoom ICS saga. They just don’t seem to understand what the worlds Customer Loyalty means. Now, they have no Customer Loyalty. Just bought a HTC over a Motorola.


Would like to see another top tier android phone to compete with the one x’s and s3’s


good news for android guys.

Susan Martin

Motofail, is on the slide. It;’s been predicted for some time due to it’s complete lack of customer care and service. The first to go should be the mmanagement people at there User forums, especially for Non US Xooms, woeful


Sure, that’s why their profits are high as hell and they dominate Verizon and AT& Terrible market shares.


Mate, do you work for Motorola ? Your one-eyed defence of Motorola is bordering on pathetic. Give it up. Motorola shot themselves in the foot by going down the path of terrible customer service. It no longer makes any difference to how brilliant their hardware is. They have lost all their LOYAL CUSTOMERS, of which I was one. I agree 150% with the sentiments of @Susan Martin.


They’re simply making smart business decisions while listening to their customer base, which is to make larger improvements over a longer period instead of making people wish they’d waited to buy a different Motorola phone because there’s a new shiny model on the shelf already every month or two. If they stop locking down their phones they’ll be going from good to awesome.

Susan Martin

Thats rubbish, it’s about trying to make a profit; The full release by Google tells the full picture; INTERNET giant Google says it plans to lay off about 4000 employees at Motorola, the mobile phone maker it purchased in May, in order to return the company to profitability. “While we expect this strategy to create new opportunities and help return Motorola’s mobile devices unit to profitability, we understand how hard these changes will be for the employees concerned,” a company spokesperson told AFP on Monday. According to The New York Times, the reorganisation plan calls for laying off about 20… Read more »