JB HiFi has emailed at least one of their customers to advise that the JB Hi-Fi NOW app is compatible with all versions of Ice Cream Sandwich. Apparently it has only been available to phones running Gingerbread or Froyo not only does it support ICS it also supports Jelly Bean now as well according to the JB Hi-Fi Now app entry in the Google Play Store.


Following on from our previous correspondence, we’re pleased to let you know that the JB Hi-Fi NOW app is now compatible with all versions of Android ICS, so you will be able to use the service on your Android device.

As our way of saying “thanks for your patience”, we have credited your account with a further 1 month access to JB-Hi Fi NOW. If your free trial has expired, you now have another month to play with the service, free of charge. Alternatively, if you have a subscription, the additional month has been added to your current period.

If you have any queries about your JB Hi-Fi NOW service, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected]

Enjoy the music!

Kind regards,

Customer Support Team
JB Hi-Fi Now

Geoff Quattromani from notanalog.com recently did a run down of the NOW service on his SGS III and seemed to have no issues but he did advise there was an update in that period. It’s interesting wording they’ve chosen ‘compatible with all versions of Ice Cream Sandwich’ possibly an issue with a skinned version of Ice Cream Sandwich? Personally I haven’t used the service but I am now signed up for a one month trial and it’s working fine on Jelly Bean, we’ll see what happens from here. Still it looks like Alex has managed to get an extra month of service out of JB Hi-Fi possibly due to having issues on his Android device, if you did have issues with the NOW service on your ICS device, why not contact JB Hi-Fi Support.

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    There seems to be a developing pattern on Ausdroid to not eplain what particular applications are for. This is another occasion where there hasn’t been any effort to describe what the application does, just a comment on it’s availability. It may be that a lot of readers will already know, but it would help casual observers if there was even a brief outline as part of the story. I understand there are links to other sites which may have the info, but if I have to go to those sites, I might as well not bother coming here. This is… Read more »

    Dave Ooi

    I agree – I was excited as I thought the JB-Hifi NOW app was an app to let us now if there are daily deals for JB Hi-Fi or something similar. It wasn’t until I looked it up in the Market that I found out it was just an alternative to iTunes.