Following on from previous rumours that Samsung has been testing Jelly Bean on their latest flagship phone the Galaxy S III, the latest rumour pegs August 29th as the date it will begin rolling out to the International Unlocked version. Modaco has posted a video of the Galaxy S III running a Touchwizified version of Jelly Bean which originally showed up on Android Mexico. It is in Spanish(I’m assuming) but gives you a good look at what Jelly Bean looks like on the Galaxy S III, spoiler it looks fast and very responsive, if indeed Samsung is going to get this update out this quickly they deserve massive props. Check out the video and see what you think.

Source: Modaco.
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its in spanish i can confirm that but im rocking it on a nexus


To Jason: if flashing new firmware was as easy and foolproof like you suggest, everyone would be doing it – and they are not!! Only a small percentage of Android users actually flash updates to their phones! If it is so easy and foolproof, why are there no businesses offering to do this for owners? Somebody out there should offer a guaranteed update service for non-tech users and they will make a fortune, or are the stories of safe and foolproof flashing just a rumour? Must be as I have not found a business to offer this service yet!!

Adin K

I remember an article on Engadget a few months ago about a bigwig at Samsung saying they needed to improve on their software (I took that as implying moreso than hardware). I was amazed at how quickly JB leaks turned up for the GS3, so maybe that initiative is baring fruit in the form of faster updates?


Glad to see touch whiz is just as ugly with job as it was with ICS. So glad I’m typing this on a nexus rocking jb


how about htc one x? what the hell does htc do?

John Christian

If samsung ship jellybean to S3 before Optus update Note to ICS, i may declare war!! Why the wait i say?


Galaxy Nexus already has Jellybean, if yours doesn’t stop being lazy and flash it yourself.


If Samsung ship jellybean to s3 b4 gnex aaaaaaagh might have to bite bullet

John Christian

Or if samsung ship jellybean to S3 before Optus update Note to ICS, i may declare war!! Why the wait i say?