Looks like something that has been long asked for in the Google Play/Android Market may finally be coming to fruition. Issue 7818 – Implement Gifts within Android Market has been around in the Google Code database since April 2010 and been starred 629 times so far and it looks like Android Police who has done some digging through the latest Google Play APK that is being pushed out has found some pretty compelling evidence that Google is definitely putting some work into allowing gift cards to be used to purchase apps from the Play Store.

They first noticed size difference between the current Google Play APK version 3.7.15 and the new version 3.8.15 which is rolling out now which is 300KB larger in size. They sifted through the APK and found some interesting stuff, with the right calls you can get the new Google Play to popup asking for Gift Card Code and also show evidence of a Wishlist as you can see below.

A huge amount of work went into this, in the APK they found different graphics named ‘wishlist’ and ‘redeem’, they’ve also listed all the new XML files that seem to point towards evidence of Gift Cards being implemented in the new Play Store, I higly suggest heading over to the source for the real nitty gritty but for a real world announcement and initiation of the feature we’ll have to wait for word from Google. I for one would love to have the ability to gift apps and also buy gift cards for presents although access to Google Music, Magazines and TV/Movie purchases in Australia would mean people had more to purchase with them.

Source: AndroidPolice.
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    The first image looks a little dodgy…no navigation buttons. Unless these are just mock-ups from images in the .apk?

    The Nerd Mama

    This would be brilliant! Indeed if it was also leading to the release of music, magazines and movies, I would be very excited! People can finally stop asking if I’d like an iTunes voucher!