We reported a while back that Samsung was going to launch their Samsung Experience store in Sydney and already had construction under way at 450 George St just down the block and across the road from the Apple Store and now we’ve got the invite to the launch. The launch will include a presentation by Tyler McGee the Vice President of Telecommunicaitons for Samsung Electronics Australia and will give us the opportunity to check out the store, products and interact with some of the Samsung staff. We’ll definitely be attending and be sure to show you what is inside ASAP.

Edit : Thanks for the heads up James, You can apply for jobs at the Samsung Experience Store, they are advertising on Seek. Be sure to let us know if you get the job, we’d love an insider to let us know what else is going on.

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Petr Starý

Tell me please the time when the shop is going to be opened tomorrow? I want to come over and have a look. Thanks

Annoying Old Fart

LOL, almost across the road from the Apple shop…

Greg McPherson

Sort of cool, I suppose.
I’d be more curious and excited about a Huawei Experience store…


I expect it to be kinda plain like most Samsung shops I’ve been to with walls lined up with TVs, some laptops,phones,tablets,cameras etc. here and there on tables and some overpriced accessories at the side and maybe if the store is big enough a section for Samsung white goods. But who knows if Samsung Australia will do things a bit differently and put some fun interactive stuff you can try haha.

James Cranston

Where do i apply? haha

James Cranston

found it advertised on seek for anyone interested 🙂

Phillip Molly Malone

Cool. Hope Melbourne gets one!


Nice one guys. We look forward to reading about your experiences there. Perhaps they might have the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet there??