Friend of Ausdroid, and regular Podcastee, Scott, sent out a tweet to ASUS Australia asking about Nexus 7 sales figures, and while ASUS couldn’t get into anything specific, they did say that every shipment has sold out here in 1-2 weeks. Impressive. If this doesn’t show that the Nexus 7 is a winner, then I don’t know what will. Hopefully we can squeeze some official figures from ASUS in the near future. But until then, good luck securing a device for yourself if you haven’t already. Our guide on where it is/has been available can be found here.

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Guys, if any of you have been trying to reliably stream audio / video onto your Nexus7 from a Media Server, give this a go

– Setup a NAS server (FreeNAS 8) in your home network
– Download & Install “ushare” on it to set it up as a DLNA Server
– Install VPlayer app (DLNA client) on the Nexus7.

And stream away !!

BTW, I tried MediaHouse-Pro too but I found VPlayer to be much better in terms of performance.

Stephen Crisafulli

I just bought a NAS, your post prompted me to try is. This is mega coolness factor all over it.


had my NAS for 4 years (stream to an xbox), however i find on Android devices the easiest and most reliable way is through ES file explorer (with bundled ES media player in S/W mode).


So I bought one of those official travel covers for $25 from JB (teal colour). At first I thought… oh.. that was $25 down the drain but i kind of like it now. It makes me feel as if I can chuck it in my bag a little easier. shame it doesn’t have a smart-magnetic cover

Peter Kelley

I ordered (and paid for) one from JB a few weeks ago and I’m still waiting for it to come in 🙁


how much from JB? and y from there and not the goog?


Picked one up while on holiday in the UK. Nice machine, but disappointed there’s very little in the way of media you can get from the Play store in Australia & the UK. Google need to rectify this quickly.

Nick Bellios

The interwebs has plenty of goodies 😉


I managed to find a second one at Harvey Norman nunawading on the weekend. I recommend checking out the hn and Officeworks websites. They have listings as to which stores have stock..


They are definitely pretty hard to get now. I’ve ordered one from Officework about two weeks ago and they are still waiting for more stock to arrive.

Nick Bellios

I bought the Nexus today from EB in Highpoint Vic. What a machine! It runs better then my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Everything does!

Ben Robson

Any word on when the Asus cover will be released?

Daniel Tyson

Hi Ben, you can get the covers at JB Hifi right now, but stock is extremely limited.