HTC is certainly feeling the pinch from its lost market share over the past year and is now planning to turn their metaphorical ship in the right direction once again. The Taiwanese company’s CEO, Peter Chou, told his employees in an internal email that he was disappointed in their market share dropping even though the smartphone market continues to grow rapidly.

“We are disappointed that our sales are down while smartphone market share is growing”

The subject title of the email was quite simply: “we’re coming back.” HTC are still in a perfectly good place to make a comeback in the mobile space — their hardware is second-to-none, however, their Sense UI software could be seen as their current weakness.

The ‘One Series’ — One X, One XL, One S, One V — haven’t been as successful as HTC would have liked, with overall sales “under-performing”.

Chou also stated in the email that HTC would be bringing a strong line-up of devices to market in the final months of 2012 and early 2013. Perhaps the rumoured 5-inch HTC device popping up around the rumoursphere could be one of them.

If HTC want to prove they’re a reliable manufacturer in this ever-changing landscape, then they’re going to have to launch some fairly spectacular (in both hardware and software) in the next few months. Keep a look out, we might be very impressed.

Source: Bloomberg.
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i love my HTC Sensation and the Sense UI IMO is much nicer than Samsung’s Touchwiz… i hated the terrible battery life from day 1 and a year later it just gets worse… if HTC come up with the One with larger battery options i’ll remain HTC if not.. Samsug here i come…


Disappointing sales are not a surprising for phones with low
capacity non removable batteries, locked down boot loaders and bloated
software. I have a One X, it’s a nice
phone, but it has a number of software and hardware issues (to which HTC has
already admitted). IMO One series (especially the X) was more of a rushed prototype with a nice looking shell than a well executed product.


Alot of people seem to have One X’s. I see them around.
Of course the reason HTC isn’t thriving is Samsung. Sammy is the big fat Gorilla crushing everyone else. The SIII stomped on their “We’re the Latest Thing” spot.

Perhaps HTC needs to put out a new phone about now. The Two X, which outdoes the Galaxy S III in specs by a little bit. Regain that spot on the special display table at the front of the phone stores.

Brendan Nicholls

Battery Battery Battery!
I’m holding out on my contract for the next iteration of HTC phones, all i need is a battery that lasts!


Note to HTC, you want sales, don’t hold back any hardware features like expandable storage and huge batteries. You can’t expect to fight against brand recognition like the Galaxy S series while saying “our surveys says that majority of consumers are ok with devices that have fixed amounts of internal storage and smaller non removable batteries as long as they are thin and light”. To win you’ll have to give everything the opponent is expected to have and more or at least the same as what they have. Sense UI being less and less bloated is also a step in… Read more »

Bryan Whittaker

I think the one series will take off HTC just need to express the moblie,s series more to the people because they have the final say .Bring in updates that will blow there minds or change some of the main features on the series in the updates and firmware so they do not have to look at rooting their Device that can be an option for them.


love my one x, the only problem is when when when can i update to jelly bean??????????

SYD Harry

Good luck HTC.

One X is the best in 2012. Peter Chou should consider marketing part ONLY.


Posted this on my one x, the only issue with this phone is how long it takes for providers to approve updates.

David Griffiths

HTC ought to put out a phone with a mSD card slot AND large screen, and they’ll have a winner on their hands. Easy enough, Samsung did it.

David Griffiths

Oh, and they need to stop jutting their camera lens’ out of the phone body so much. It’s just asking for them to get damaged.

Stephen Crisafulli

My One XL (Telstra) has served me well so fare. Room mate has the SGS3 and I cant see any reason other than marketing that its a more successful phone.


Telstra’s pushing the One XL quite a bit lately.
I hope it sells for them.


… could Telstra be possibly trying to move older 4G stock prior to a 4G version of the S3?

SRII Spectre

I love my HTC One X – Best phone I’ve ever owned. Battery performance not an issue!


I still love my one X